Nu skulle det vara skönt med en öl och en bastu någonstans

I catch myself thinking, it is 24 C and sunny outside and here I am, sitting inside and freezing, that is insane. I guess, being brought up in mostly darkness, sun is always gonna be considered a luxury you have to take care of. So I actually decided to take my book and go to the park. I'm not really doing anything else, got a little annoyed with not finidn anything in googlemaps and outlook giving me trouble for no reason at all. I just feel like I have nothing to do here. ¨
The qoute is from a comedy sketch called "ensamseglaren" (the lonely sailor) and I remember to write that in the end of a blogpost when being in US and I remember the feeling I had, the feeling of just wanting to go home, to how it was, to my friends and my dorm and my courses and everything that I had at home and that was gone by then. Now, as you all know, that feeling is for US instead. And I sure hope this feeling is gonna come next year to, for this place andthe people here. It is a lot easier to go to Sweden from here than from US but it is not to travel in distance I want to, I want to travel in time and the sam goes for last year, the distance scared me, but the time moving scared me even more.

Anyway, I'm gonna take my book and go to the park and read (actually, the same thing my mom adviced me to do, last year)

Sayonara, baby

I really need something to do and to get out of this place. I do my job, but it is not to much and even though I'm going to Fuengirola next week, I'm starting to feel a little trapped here. And I feel that my blogging is just getting more boring... that usual.
I heard at the radio that they made a berry out of wild strawberries and strawberries.. but that kind og goes against what I believed that strawberries was just big wild strawberries.

Qoute - Terminator in Spanish (the English speaking/non dubbing world know it as Hasa la vista, baby)

I'm gonna check out the situation and you people can check out my ass when I leave, I think you will be pleased

Qoute - American Dad

I think my mushroom just moved

I'm listening to the radio right now, it's really nice. They are discussing the risk of taking nude pictures, when an angry ex publish them online and spread them to friends. That sucks big time, when people don't get their way everything they previously said and promise doesn't mean a thing. Selfish people, I hope I never would turn like that, not that I have any pictures like that on my ex and noone has picutres like that on me so I will never find out if anyone of them would be cabable of doing such a thing.

What makes me a little angry is when other people say, "blame yourself", and I am certain that it is other people, that has never beeen though something like that is saying that and people who publish picutres of themselfes and think that nude pictures is the same thing as a drunken picture (that the person thinks is really, really cool) that doesn't have any understadning of that people is different.

As a journalist I gard the freedom of speech like the right to breathe but there is in fact a law that say that you are not allowed to bring down someones honor (like after someone is dead and that sort of stuff) and I honestly think that if someone spreads pictures of you that you don't want to spread, that law should apply, because if that is not a violation to your honor, what is.. ?

Today I'm making my dreadful calls...

Qoute - How I met your mother

What did you tell her, she thinks I'm the fucking renaissance

Around eight in the evening Mr. M came around and we had a walk around the city. There's a park acroos the street from the busstop I go from when I go to his place and I wanted to check it out. After we went back and forht in that park three times we decided to get something to eat, so we went ot a tapas bar. I had torro (I think it is) which is my new favourite soup. It is a red very thick vegetable soup and I love it. After that we went back to my place and he had to go to met up with some old friends and I rediscovered the gadgets in windows vista.
Vista get a lot of crap of everyone (including me, I shall not hide that) but I do adore the gadgets in the sidebar. I've discovered more than once gadgets that I must have. Last time (before the big cleansing, again) I discovered the gmail tells you when you have a mail gadget that made a ring or something when you got a mail in your gmail, perfect for those who rather have their computer tell them when they get an email to the email they actual use and not outlook. This time I downloaded SR gadget (the radiostation in Sweden) that allows me to listen to Swedish radio even though I'm not in Sweden, how awseume is that? And I downloaded a cute little notepad to remember me stuff with :) and a language translator but it doesn't really work to good, when it has no idea what word you just written it just answers you with the same one (so let's say it works like the Bonnier's dictonaries)

Qoute from Black Books, Bernard in his essence

You never forget how to fight, it's like beating up a bicycle

Nothing has happende and I haven't moved outside of my room, exepct for heating up my coffe and making lunch. But on the bright side, I did a lot of work and tomorrow I'm gonna call a lot of people and next week I'm gonna spend probably a whole day in Fuengirola.
I listened to a Swedish radiostation, P3, the morning show (after a tip from a friend) about Farmville and other thigs. I really like listening to the radio and I would like to work at one, one day.


After a cup  (actually a plastic glas) of coffe and some hours talking to my mom I feel that I am on top of my job. I can brag with overworking myself but as I mentioned before, it's not like I get an overachiever salary either. I spend most of my time on facebook, right now I'm trying to figure out how to invite people to a group without being friends with them, if that is possible at all. I mean, I don't min knowing the Scandinavians that lives here but I'm not sure if I want them to be a part of my facebook friends (even though my friendlist kind of say that I'm not really cheap with accepting friends).
I like being on Facebook and snoop around in other peoples lifes, some people have stuff that actually happens, other people have actual opinions and interesting news to publish and then there are those who doesn't really have something interesting going on, neither outside or inside of their skull. I can not really say that I am a really fascinating person myself but atleast I try to be grammatical correct when I write. My blogs, for instance, is one of (actually, the only one) my efforts (effort) to be better in English (I hope my Swedish are good) because I would really like to be able to be a journalist in both languages. I don't mind the internet lancuage either, a way of speeding things up and get to say more in less space, a perfectly natural development. And the writing of it's own dialect of the writing as you speak method are both ways I think gives more personality to a text but some of the things I read in Facebook are neither of those. They are just bad language and foremost bad grammar, so bad grammar. A lot of times, I am temped to correct them, but I feel that I am not a 60 year old teacher with nothing better to do, yet....
I have to admit that even so, I am the one who reads this and annoyed over the language, so I guess that I am the one with the least to do in my life. I mean, c'mon, there's like a hundred billion better thing to than sit on Facebook, seriously, man!
Qoute from How I met your mother (or as in Spanish Cómo Conocí A Vuestra Madre)

Oh, no, not Mort, He's so annoying

This is a white wall.... but it is always my view from my window

Qoute Madagascar 2

Folk kanske vill ha det så

I made a kilo of swedish meatballs the other day... here are some of them served with moose pasta bought at IKEA :)

Qoute from Magnus Betner, Swedish comedian, not really satisfied with a new survelliance law in Sweden. "People might want it like that"

God morning USA, I got a feeling this is gonna be a wonderful day

Down to business....
Intro American dad

What is that? Some kind of delicious cookie! No, it's a coaster

Yes, I got lost in the Farmville djungel ;)
And among the cockroaches and dirt in this apartment. I'm mostly going back and forth between my apartment and Mr. Ms' apartment. And I struggle with finding a good hour to do my work. I consider myself doing good work in relation to what I get paid and other circumstanses but for myself I can't really find the good hours. As usual, I watch way to many sitcoms and drag my butt out of bed later than I feel that I should. Late by two hours or so, so I'm not too late.
This is the thing I've been struggeling with my whole life and as other people always think I am ridiculus, there are stuff I find easy and "just to do" that most people struggle with. Just to make a point. Just to...

Anyway, I've been thinking about taking more pictures of my apartment (room) and show them but I haven't felt that I adjusted myself completely yet. I am however, getting there.
Today I got my first paycheck (hopefully) Yeey!!!! But I have no idea what the amount is cus of taxes and stuff....

This was two weeks ago, the first "party" for me in my apartment. It's white wine and sprite mixed in a big pot with ice and tiny glasses to drink with (or proper coffe cups) after we finished this (three people) we headed over to a disco on a ship to party with Jack Sparrow. Not really, but my other apartment buddies work there so we got behind the magical VIP rope and got more to drink. Needles to say I had some problems balancing on my high heels at the end of the night and basically walked barefeet back home. I should have taken a photo of my feet. Last week, Mr M had a party cus he had a birthday and we were at his place. The idea was to go to a fancy place next to where he lifes but in the end we ended up in at the ship again and again, I had my high heels. The night ended with us taking a taxi back to his place cus he forgot to tell me that we would sleep in my place. This weekend, there was a Erasmus party here and me and Mr M stayed home. I don't have any money so I can't really go anywhere.... On Friday, there's another party at the ship.

The qoute is from Black Books, everyone who enjoys british black humour should (no, must) sheck it out!

An irritating truth

Well, when I got back after egin at a meeting where I was compeltely silent I found my clothes soking wet in some plastic boxes and the floor like a small pool.... someone opened the door to the washer machine and let everything out. Not entirly his fault when I didn't really start the machine in a right way in the first place and not entirly my fault either cus there shouldn't be possible to open it when it is still washing...
The thing is that I thought it was ready and opened it and some water poured out so I closed it again and started it again, but it didn't do anything so I turned the button all the way around to the start again and it started all over again, I figured it would be fine... but, well, the mess spoke for itself when I got home. The clothes has obviously been on the floor as well, cus they were not clean. From now on, I'm taking my dirty ones to Mr. M's house and do my washing there (unless the machine get fixed)
Quote from Lisa Simpson, the Simpsons movie

This is the worst thing that has happened in your life... so far

Well, my room during the big cleaning....

You use chocolate as a positive enforcment for what you think is good behaviour

God morning. I strongly tried to get my butt out of bed at nine but it insisted on staying there to around ten. Since then, I actually put some clothes in the washer machine, called and confirmed a meeting and opened an excel document for my Spancom clients... I have to be out of the house around 12:40 so hopefully I will mangage to get something more done. Right now, I'm eating breakfast and searching seriesyonkis for anything good that I haven't seen.
Quote - Big Bang theory, Lenoard to Sheldon about him giving chocolate to Penny.

Btw, took this picture last Saturday, a bit early?

Ay caramba

Okay, first night alone in new room. Iäve spend the entire day in front of the computer and not really doing anything useful. But tomorrow is a new and bright day when I'm gonna do lots and lots of stuff...... I hope.
It feels a bit wierd being by myself going to bed. It was a motnh ago since last time.
But seriously, tomorrow, down to business. I have a lot of boirng stuff to take care of and if I do, I will be migthy proud of myself.
Of course, ever since I got the idea of writing all the stupid movie/ sitcom quotes I have in my head, they are all gone. The one for now is though one of Bart Simpsons famous sayings.

Pölsa has no fear, but he has a lot of beer

Finally, I got the stupid outlook to work. Cus obviously it wouldn't work as a charm once I got it installed either (obviously) but after some thinking I suceeded to figure out the problem (I could recive emails but not send any) and I customized the outgoung and the ingoing email settings seperatly and it worked. I feel like genius! I always feel like a genius when I solve a problem related to microsoft office.
Well, now I am sitting in my room and I am supposed to do some work and I know exaclt what to start with, but it is slooooow. Atleast I did some work and atleast I am actually sitting in my room. I have no idea what to do for tonight... I guess I will see.
For now, I'm thinking to watch another episode of Two and a half men, uploading pictures to my blog or maybe go through all the magazines and newspapers for my job.....
the quote is Pölsa in Smala Sussie, Swedish movie, well worth seeing

This is gonna be legen- wait for it and I hope you're not lactose intolerant cus here it comes- da(i)ry

I currently have four mosquito bites in my face... doesn't feel to good but what can I do about it, people are probably gonna assume that it's some kind of teenager skin I'm working on, which makes me in the age they think I am in anyway. But the mosquito thing is getting annoying, it never seem to end, every morgning when I wake up, I have atleast two new mosquito bites. My way of dealing with them is to sratch a hole on them, then they start scrathing for a while, not the best method, I know, but they itches like hell.
I was trying to set up my outlook email yesterday and obviously the sultan from hell (microsoft office paper clip help) made everything difficult. So, I'm still working on that stupid email account. It is not that I don't know how to do it, it is just impossible to get to do it and if I do it, the paper clip doesn't agree with that and has to interfere and make evrything complicated. The stupid paper clip is worse than the iWay.
So, I was thinking (wandering around in my mind) when I was doing some dishes. Recently I discovered that I kind of like doing the dishes, (I said recently) cus it gives me some time to reflect over things. And I love reflecting over things. This time I kind of came to the conclusion that intelligent and smart is a confusing thing and according to me, they are not the same. To be intelligent is to have a logical skill (there are different kind of intelligents but this is I guess the first one) and that has nothing to do with being smart. I mean, even an elephant can count but how many would say an elephant is smart? It's like that guy that can talk to the dogs that everyone loves so much, everyone is saying that he is so incredible smart, but I haven't seen him doing a mathcalculation ever. Smart is something that qualify more than just a skill, smart is how you use the skills you have. A smart person uses his/her skills in a good way, while a stupid person kind of don't....
Then I have a theory on why intelligent and smart is confused as the same, but I if I say that, people are gonna stop reading my blog.
Tv- series is one of my favourite things and while others know the bird way to Rome I know what Homer Simpsons say or why a particular punch line is funny. While I don't believe knowing the bird way to Rome ever would come in handy tv- series knowledge doesn't really either provide a useful source of information but I kind of like it and I always srtuggle with what to write in that empty square so I thought, why not use this knowledge to something useful.
The quote is from "How I met your mother" and is currently one of my favourite (even though I think "Big Bang" has the first place) and this is kind of Barneys' motto in the first season.

But mostly, they are inerupting our partying

It was defenitly too long ago since I worte my last entry. But since then, I mangage to move all my stuff into my room, clean the hell out of it, got in order, went out partying with the apartment buddies, had the worst hangover ever and started a new facebook group in the name of my job.
It´s not a lot but still.
I have pictures that I´m gonna post and the more time I spend in my room, the more time I´m gonna spend blogging. It´s gonna feel a little like U.S. Mostly being in my room, writing my blog and talking to Mr. M on skype is gonna feel like U.S. Then there´s a huge part that doesn´t feel like U.S....
The quote is from Madagascar, if you don´t know it see the movie!!!

"To start, press any key" Where's the any key?

I had my meeting with Damore life and it seems like he was just confused. I can understand that because it's a kind of messy offer I'm giving him. But I really hope that he will pick up on it because I would really like to do a radioshow with that subject. I guess that it is mostly about living "right" and taking care of yourself rather than stuff yourbody with chemicals. I like chemicals and have a few I believe has the cure for everything but I also have my personal cures that works just fine for me. For example, when I have a cold I don't do anything else than drink hot tea with honey and constantly eating honey. I got this idea that sugar gives quick energy and that is exactly what you need when you have a cold, well, atleast I do, I get insanly tired. It can of course me all in my head but what do that matter, as long as I get healthy again, right? I know my friends eat white pepper corns and garlic, so everyone have their own personal cures and as long as they work, there's no need to change them, regardless of why they work.

Well, now I feel a little more relaxed regarding the radio. I guess I can go back to Malaga again...

The quote is from Simpson,when Homer works from home because he is to fat to work at the factory

I wish I could but I don't want to...

I'm at the radiostation. Don't realy hanything yet, my main reasons for being here is to pick up my business cards  have a meeting with someone who might want to advertise in the radio. Right now, the latter doesn't look good, he send me an email yesterday saying that the other swedish radio gave them an offer to. That really sucks and between you and me, I hear that they don't even have a license to air radio. But that's only between you and me...

the qoute is from Phoebe in Friends, her answer to Ross question to help him move out (first or second episode if I remember correctly)

Everyone just want to be scratched

Today, after getting the keys for my apartment :) we decided to pay IKEA a visit, because of the most nasty pillow and bed blanket I've ever seen. I kind of felt a litte regretful that I didn't bring the stuff I bought in U.S from U.S, it was very good stuff, bought at Walmart (I miss my pillows, almost as much as everything else), I mean, I payed for overwight anyway...and I kind of regret not taking my cow blanket from home with me. I have no idea where I got that thing, but I like it. If I'm making my mom sending me stuff, I'm defenitly putting the blanket in there. Anyhow, the blankets were kind of expensive but I did get a pillow for 4,95 something. Other than that, IKEA is always a treat and I think I had the most fun in the food store at the end.
Here are some pictures!

There's actually a difference between stupid and intelligent

Okay, so today I'm gonna move into my own room in an apartment of Erasmus students. Move in and move in.... I miss my things a lot, I haven't seen them in over a year, they are all (most of them atleast) tucked in in poxes in my parents cellar. A part of me really wants to move in to an apartment and organize the furniture and making everything look nice and matching, I wanna listen to my cd's and watch my movies, I wanna have all my hobbies close by so that I can scrapbook, knit, paint or do whatever at any time I want.
Obviously what I do is more important than my stuff and I rather be here than in an apartment with all my stuff. But I still miss them.
Other than that, it feels like I have a lot to do today. I have to finish my list, print and sign my contract refill my workphone and email all of that to my boss. I have to call Anna from the radiostation to hopefully catch a ride with her tomorrow. I have to pack and move... and that is actually pretty much it, so it is not much at all. But suddenly everything feels like it is happening at the same time. Oh, and I have get the content of my computer back from Mr. M's computer.
No, I'm not never getting a mac (I guess Manu is the anonymous one) I want to do things my way, not the iway.. ;)
Thank ya'll for the compliments of my article :D
From now on there's gonna be more pictures, I promise!

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