Thanks, but I'm a bit tipsy as it is, it's bad enough I peed in your shower, Bye

Today count as Sunday in Spain, it's some kind of holiday (probably a saint of some kind), so yesterday was a party day and me and Mr. M were set out to just have a beer or two with his friend. It became a little more than that.

Duff beer
First we had dinner at a place called Como Loco, it's a place where they have sallads and pitas, and they used to serve duff beer (like the exact one they have in Simpsons, totally awseume). I was a little sad to hear that they don't have it anymore because I was planning to have one someday (that how it goes for the procastinator).

After dinner, me and Mr. M went to the Cheers (another tv show reference) because that is another thing in Malaga that I've been saving to do (and hence the disapearence of Duff, I didn't want to procastinate this one too, not that the bar would close in the immidiate future, but still). And it was really cool cus they served  popcorn and peanuts in the shell with the drinks. I should have taken a picture but there I go again (procastination)...

30 silvercoins
After Cheers we headed on to another place. It looked more like a diner and they served fod like hot dogs and stuff. They also had beers which is why we went there.  We had two beers and one of them were called Judas :) This time, I took a picture (it seem like this night is gonna go in the sign of self- improvement)
Seriously, how cool isn't this?

At this time, it was still just me and Mr. M but the night was young (like midnight-ish) and his friends were just done with dinner, so we went to meet them up. At a shot bar. A bar, that evolves around shots. So what do we have, a shot, of course (a shot it a chupito in Spanish). First it was something with tabasco in it. Then something with vodka and lime and finally, tequila (the vodka one was my choice, I payed, I chosed, not a good choise, but I wanted to try)

Yo intendendo Espanol muy, muy bien
I don't understand Spanish very very good. But as we headed to another place (I'm starting to loose track of the places here but with three shots in my system, who cares) I was convinced that I should try and talk as much Spanish as I possible can, the problem is that I don't know any words. By this point I think I started to get a little obnoxious and there was some people that didn't really look kindly on me. Anyway, Mr. M's friend had another friend with him and he knew some people at this place. (Oh, and a funny thing that happen was that when we got into the place some girls were taking pictures of themselfes so I offered to help by just taking the camera, taking the picture and leave) After that I just started talking with some random girl that was friend of a friend of a friend, or something like that. She didn't know a lot of English (or any?) so we spoke in Spanish, or she talked in Spanish, I don't know what I did. And then another shot. A red thing that came from a mysterious pitcher.

After this bar we went to some place with flashing light and trance music. That didn't really feel like my kind of place. So me and Mr. M called it a night and went home.

This was a long entry, but I hope it is a little more interesting than usual.

Qoute - Franchine, American dad

Written by: Britta

Blinkande ljus och trance lät ju ganska passande efter alla skumma shots!

Mera bilder, det gillar jag! De är lättlästa...

2010-03-01 @ 17:27:37
Written by: Leonard

How come you moved there then? I'd very much like to go to Spain someday but have not been there yet.

2010-03-01 @ 18:51:10
Written by: Leonard

Haha I think whatever it is in the bottle in the last picture looks very odd :P

2010-03-01 @ 18:51:46

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