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I love it when people read my blog and I love it even more when they comment. As any person in the media, I'm in the field to get attention from others and to get to know that I am good in what I'm doing. At the same time, I hate being the center of attention (I don't trust many individuals in a big group) which probably gives me the some kind of a writers title, when I have the feeling that any writer suffer from this paradox (leave me alone and pay attention to me at the same time) I do like to hear critizism aswell (not to say, I listen to it) to know what I am bad at so that I can improve it because in the end, I want people to read what I write and enjoy it. I try to write what I would like to read but I guess that my life is a lot more interesting to me than to others.
However, thank you everyone that is reading!

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Die, Bart, Die

Okey, time for a usefull entry. After being in Malaga for some months now I have experienced some stuff that are different from the cold country in the north, where I am from. Going out is one of them. In my hometown, party starts at six and contains of drinking as much as you can to get as loaded as you can before you find a suitable victim to mate with (it might be different as you grow older but I am suspicious). In the slighter bigger city were I spent 5 of my 25 years of living, party start at eight or nine and contains of drinking as much as you can before standing halfanhour in line, pay 80 kr to get in, 20 to hang you coat (there's always a coat and you are not allowed to bring it in) and then another 60 for a beer (being that halfanhour in the cold standing somewhat still in the line kind of sobered you up so you need a small refill) The rest of the night contains of dancing and then at 2 am when everything closes you get out buy some Mcdonalds food and pay another 100 kr for a taxi. In the U.S we walked or drove to everything and partying started at ten, other than that, it was more or less the same as Sweden.

In Spain however, ten is not late enough. Ten is when you have dinner and it is not damn-I-haven't-eat-anything-the-whole-day-stress-something-together kind of dinner either. It's the laid back hanging out with a bunch of small dishes kind of dinner. Then you meet up for the partying at midnight (at midnight in Sweden most people are either passed out, drunkendancing or heading home at that time) to have a couple of beers/drinks/ciders or whatever you please for like 3€ and then you go to another place. All the nightclubs have prs walking the streets giving you flyers and promising free drinks. So if you pay 5€ in the entrance you get two free drinks. The downside is that it is different for boys and girls (more expensive for boys) which doesn't seem right at all but Sweden have the aging thing where boys are considered to mature a lot later that girls, like three years later. It's still cheaper even though it is more expensive for boys but in the end I guess you get what you pay for.

This is the sight at the womens bathroom in one of the nightclubs in Malaga. I wish I remembered what the name of the club was, but I don't. I do remember one of my boyfriends friends asking if the item on the picture was mine, an answer is unnecessary.
An advice before hitting the clubs in Malaga is to bring tissues. I guess that I am a really unusual girl cus I actually sit on the toilet and not hoover over it, thinking that I am the only person in the world that doesn't have bacterias and that are cleaner that everyone else. I have to say that this attitude creates a moment 22. Because the people who do this cus the toiletring is full of pee is also the people who splashes the pee all over the ring. In conclusion, you are the one you think are disgusting.

Anyway, tissues is not only for the wiping (cus there's probably no toiletpaper) but also for cleaning the toilet (look again at the above statement if you don't follow). Other that that, the light probably doesn't work either and sometimes the toilet itself is out of order.

Actually, I recomend to pee before you leave house and then just hold it it but if you can't tissues are a life savior even though it makes you feel a little like your grandma.

Other than this, the music is more or less the same and people dance and are drunk as they are everywhere and in the end a lot of people found someone to mate with that they are gonna regret the next day, just as everywhere else.

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Oh, snap!

Sorry folks for not updating at all... the thing on my mind right now are christmas present and some emails I don't want to write. There's this event that I need to ask if I can participate for handing out flyers. The ones who are having it are the newpaper I eralier this year applied to. I'm quite sure that they are gonna be snobbish about it and think they and their event is to important for me to be on. There's a lot of that going on here.
I want to point out that most people are really nice and want to help out with my work of spreading the word about Spancom. But the ones who are too important for it seem to be of a higher number than usual. I really hate it when people ask me who the hell I am and why am I here. Sometimes it feels like they are not asking me in my position of work but actually asking why I personally are there breathing their air.

I changed my mind about changing my wardrobe. First of all because I rahter pay my debts, second of all I can't trhow out stuff that is perfectly fine and third and probably the most important, I really like my style and is actually now starting to get it right.

I'm thinking about more useful entries, that actually make sense for the theme of the blog. It's coming soon, as soon as I get that damn email written.

Btw, it seems like my bosses thinks I'm doing a good job. I'm glad, my education was not for nothing after all (it's not maning to be sarcastic, I mean it.

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tjolahopp tjolahej tjolahoppsan-sa

Halloween 2009 in Malaga

I was Pippi Longstocking (as you can see) and I was recongnized by pretty much all. I guess the ones who didn't shout Pippi, recongnized me as well but decided to not say anything. It was really fun and I am actually proud of the hair :)

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