Norwegian Magazine Article

As promised -- > I want to Make Europe smaller (my article in the norwegian magazine about me moving to Spain, written and unpaid by me)
I'm sorry for my non scandinavian speaking readers, but the article is in norwegian..... but there's a pretty picture of me and it is kind of cool to be published in a glossy magazine and on their website :)

If you put "fine" in front of "vine" and "dining", you really got something

Okay, now my computer is up and runinng again but it's lacking EVERYTHING! ...

Btw, qoute from Big Bang theory (Sheldon is my favorite)

I believe in Chocolate and Garlic

today I got an email about my business cards being done... Imagen, business cards, only grownups that try to be something have those. Remember American Psycho? I strongly believe I´m like that, when it comes to paper and fonts, I´m a huge dork. One of the things I´m most mad about regarding my computer is that all my saved webpages is gonna be gone and I had a nice collection of free font webpages saved.
But a part of me thinks it is really cool that I from now on have a business card to hand out to people :)
today, my luck seemed to change, as I was thinking about a quote to write as a "headline/subject" for this entry I stubbled over a new episode of my newly added favorite tv-show Big Bang theory.. so I´m gonna enjoy myself watching that and having fika (swedish tradition/word that should be international), coffe and chocolate chip cookies. And that made me think of my friend Birtta´s words "I believe in Chocolate and garlic" (she really does) so that ended up being my "headline/subject"...
But the reason for the entry was of course to brag about my business cards... :)

Computer meltdown

well, my ASUS is know to give me trouble... it has been around getting help before and I should have known the warning signs... like a sudden blue screen saying that windows had a crash and when started up again a pop up window saying that windows recovered from an unexpected shutdown. But it always seem to be fine in the end so I didn´t pay to much attention to it. I should have. Now the screen popped up, my computer tried to restart but with no luck, three times, four times, five and six times.... didn´t work. So now, my harddrive is out of the box, getting some fresh air before it goes back in to get wiped out.. again... I have no idea how many times I have reinstalled windows..
This is not my days.
On the upper hand, I´m more than happy about the responses about English and obviously I can´t no anything else than continue writing in this fine language... It´s a good way of praciticing (even though I speak it all the time).
And Manuel, I´m already looking forward to your visit and I´m gonna sign up for a language course in November (if thigns goes as they should) to speed things up a little bit.
Btw, I have a mosquito bite under my foot, for real...

Get your feet out of my eye sockets

I seem to be out of luck these days. It's probably some freudian things behind it, like I feel really uncomfortable talking Spanish so I drag out on the fact that I have to take the bus by myself and that I am actually really nervous about if I really can handle my new job so I drag out on the signing the contract and finishing up the radio stuff I have to do.
Anyway, so when I tried to take the bus yesterday morning. I had practiced in how to say "can you give me a hint when the busstop by the trainstation is approching" but I hadn't practiced anything that he would say back to me, if he would answer... which, of course, he did (the busdriver was a he) so my conclusion was that he didn't want to give me a heads up, but when I think about it, he probably gave me some direction to get there... but how would I know.
Anyhow, I sat down in the bus and thought, how hard can it be... well, not to hard but I had to go back and forth a couple of times before I figured out where I was and where I was headed and as I (somewhat proud of myself) approach the line for the bus ticket to Fuengirola I relized that I was way too late.. the next bus wasn't until 12:15 which would probably place me in Centro Idea right about 2 pm. The thing is that I have to take a bus from Puerto Blanco (where Mr. M lives) to the busstation, which takes half an hour (or more, depending on how lost you are) and then take the bus from the busstation to Fuengirola, which takes an hour and from Fuengirola take the bus to Mijas... which I have no idea how long that would take, but I assumed it would take me about an hour to find where that bus went from, which bus it was and how to get a ticket for it. And at 2 pm, it's siesta everywhere so there's no use at all calling anyone trying to get them to buy radio advertisment. So I went back home and promised myself that tomorrow I would be earlier and more alert and awake about what's going on around me.
Said and done, I went up when Mr M went up (like seven or eight) and had breakfast with him and then back to bed for a short nap.. and then into the shower, and then some clothes and makeup. So right about nine thirty I was ready to go to the bus when I reached for the doorhandle just to press it down and get out.... the door was locked. From the outside. I don't have any keys.
Well, I relized that i was kind of late for the 10:30 bus from the busstation anyway and there was no chance in hell that anyone would get back in time for unlocking the door.. so once again, I had to write to the radio. But this time I didn't promise to show up tomorrow, this time, I actually said, see you Friday.
It's not that I haven't done any work even though I haven't been at the station. I have a meeting on Friday to wrap up a contract and another call to make next Wednsday to set up a meeting. In the meantime I have called everyone on my "healthprogram" list and got some declines, some that are gonna email me and some that I have to call back. I am in fact, wrapping things up even though it seem like I'm trying to avoid it.
But back to my actual job. I have to start digging my head down the marketing plan and I still wonder what "informatör" is called in English, informant seem a little dumb.
Btw, the use of this blog being in English seem to be equal to none so I'm thinking about changing it to Swedish...
any objections?
The quote is from SpongeBob Squarepants episode about the tattler teller strangler, worth seeing!

A most elegant solution

I agree with Manu, adulthood is still something in front of me. Something that means doing the same thing year after year and never be completely satisfied with it. I'm doing as Pippi Långstrump, I'm never growing up.
I just had a phonecall with someone who might would had a job for me. I got the phonenumber from an old friend of my mom and dad back from when we lived in Nueva Andalucia. They suprisingly didn't need anyone but she got my phonenumber to give to other people she knows. Which is good but I feel a little fed up with this business, noone needs anyone, there's no jobs, at all. My friends in the same business are struggling to, I guess it's a closed thing only avaiable for those who where lucky enough to get into it in the 70's and those who are the kids of these people.
And, I already got a job so I'm not to excited about looking for another and right now I just feel that they can keep their stupid jobs for themselfes, I'm gonna get one in time anyway.
I'm facebboking and farmvilling so much, I forget about breakfast

Big, big girl in a big, big world

Well, Mr M and his sister went to Marocco this weekend to I am all alone in their apartment. It feels a little wired but also very relaxing... I need to make som phonecalls, publish stuff on my blog, go through the website of my new employers and take a descicion if I need to buy some new clothes for my job.
I know that it shouldn't be a priority of mine when I'm almost 400€ in dept (close friends, but still) and i really like the clothes and style I have. Never the less, I know I dress a lot younger than I am and my looks don't really help me either.
For example. The other day, I was with my new boss to the Norwegian association to present the company and while my boss was talking to the president of the association one of the other guys (man, gentleman, old man, fellow) asked me if I was still in school. As I start to get fairly used to this (like the time at the airport) I laughed and said, that I finished school and that I am probably a lot older than he think I am. He replied that, wel, I guess youre not sixteen, then....
I think it is fun and if people assume I'm 25 when I am 35 I shouldn't complain. In a world where people go crazy for the tiniest wrinkel and spend most of their adult life trying to look like they are around twenty again, I feel kind of lucky looking like I do. But I am aware that my clothes kind of helps. A jeans skirt, t-shir with print and converse doesn't really say newly graduadet 25-year old in comunications.
So, therefore, I need to consider if I should spend money I don't have to buy clothes to make a professional impression when I'm out talking about this company.
The job I got is kind of promotion/sales/recruit person. I am gonna promote the company and recruit members to it. If I'm good, it's a good job and if I suck, it's gonna be a sucky jobb.

Mucus covered brain

God, I hate to be sick. The only thing that happens to me is complete exhaustion. Then a runny nose and sneezing of course. The thing is that I'm tired, everything is twice as tireding as usual and I'm not that frisky to begin with.
Never the less, in some way or another I have actually managed myself to get my butt out my bed (without Mr. M, that would probably never been accomplished) and to work (again, Mr M) and in the end, the hard work (that's on me) actually payed off.
It may seem like the hours I worked is not to much (beacuse it's been like 4-6 hours a day) but it takes a lot of strenght. First of all, I'm new, so everything I do, I do it for the first time, second of all, where I am is in a closed area in the basement so it's like working in a sauna with no air flow and third, I'm actually sick but still working as I weren't. And then again, I'm not really employed so my work space is not really the best in mind. This take a lot of strenght and when I'm done, all I want to do is crawl up in front of the tv and do nothing for eternity.
But when I get back, I have to get on my feet again and try and find a job (with monthly pay) and deep inside of me I feel bad because I'm not updating my blog as much as I want to. Of course I get rest and naps and tv time and facebook time and probably blogging time if I try. Most of the time it feels like I can only to half of what anyone else can do.
But then my boss tell me that my creativity and positive attitude is my strenght and that mos people would give up after two days and I'm still calling after a week and after just giving a hint that I'm looking for a job I get called back and offered a job with complete responsibility over my hours and they tell me that the first impression I give is serious and hard working.
Somehow those things don't match.
I guess the answer is that I am sick but I'm pushing it at work, pretending that it is not there and when I get home I'm dead so I let my sickness go out over other stuff. But in the end, I don't feel like I'm getting any rest even though I have my naps and painting my nails and watching tv (all those things I usually do for resting). I guess again, that's because I'm sick.
I hate being sick, I wish I could be visible sick and not just so fucking tired.
But the good news is actually that I got a payed job! and I scored an advertiser for the radio so I got a program each month! too :D


Even though I start my workdas around noon, I'm still tired... I'm using all my strenght to think about creative ways of advertising and wrapping my mind as good as I can around the economic part of it. How long can the programs be, what are they gonna pay for and how much to I need to be able to call this my job.
There's no Fuengirola tonight, I'm just tired. It's tomorrow instead. But now we are thinking about eating out, I don't know if I want to or have the strenght. I should mention, that I am currently sick (with a cold and yes, I see the irony) my nose is giving me a hard time but thanks to 600mg of ibuprofhen, my troath is keeping it real. Just bad luck to get it when I need to be at the tip of my toes or maybe just because of that. I hadn't been outside very much or seeing a lot of different people when I got this "job", a lot of new germs in the atmosphere.
Tomorrow I'm gonna work on selling an idea to get my own show. I'm gonna post more on that development when I know more. But then, every week, you're gonna be able to hear me in the radio...

Work blogging

I'm glad people seemed to like the radio clip :) and I guess I have to be honest, the journalistic dream was not a determination for the beginning, it was just something that seemed really cool. I still think that journalist is a cool job, I just wish I could actually get it some day.
Right now, some of my American friends are in Rome and suddenly that feel really close but so far away. I wish I had money (tons and tons) to just go and see them for a qiuck minute. They are on their honey moon so I wouldn't want to disturb them to much.
Right now I'm at "work" trying to send away some emails and score some customers. Everything down here is driven with commercial (well, of course, why would the scandinavian governments care about what happens here) so the competition is hard, everyone seem to be taken. I hope I get some luck.
Tonight I'm gonna go to Fuengirola (again) to hand out my resumé to resturants. I hope that PR- girl job is still available. Last time I was there, I handed out two resumés... two, the other six I asked, didn't really seem to want anyone or anything...
Wish me luck!
Other than that, Farmville!

Okay, I caved... but I actually manage to do something useful to!

Okay, I'm now an intense player of farmville in facebook. For those who don't know what it is, check out facebook... it's all over the place. If you still don't know. Well, get facebook!
Anyway. There's (believe it or not) actually a reality outside of facebook. I know that it might be hard to believ now when the dark, cold and completely lifeless surrondings are approching in Sweden, but that is in fact, the fact. (It's 23 celcious here and thunder, nevertheless 23 celcious, just to point that out)
In this reality, however.. I managed to perform some advertising for myself
and as soon as the article in "Norska Magasinet" is published online, I'll give you a link to that one too. Until then, you can find me on farmville.

So bored, even farmville seems tempting

So, nothing is happening.. at all.. nothing..
I "booked" my room for October 1, so that is a check on my list. It's gonna be 240€/month without internet. I still have no job but tomorrow I'm gonna start my week of maybe getting a job. And that's all.
It is really frustrating to not know Spanish but I don't wanna sign up for any language school if I don't have a job (so that I can pay for it) but the moment 22 is that I kind of need the language school to be able to get a job in the first place. I'm worried that I'm not gonna be able to learn...
Nothing new other than that... I wish I had funny suff to tell and to write about, but until tomorrow nothing has happended at all.
One thing that kind of excited me (atleast) was the visit to Dunki´n coffee, mmm.. donuts :D


Okay, I know I suck at updating but something wierd has happened to my blogs, they don't really work as they should... so I kind of lost the interest in updating.
Nevertheless, today I visited the scandinavian radiostation and we're gonna try to find me a salary. The thing is that there's no money in the media business today. I totaly screwed up when I "choose" my dream job. And right now, I don't really feel that good at it either. But, on the bright side of life, if I manage to bring in some clients to the radio there's gonna be a salary for me. And, we found a room.. it's in an apartment with international students so even if it was kind of dirty (the microwave looked like some torture tool rather than a heating device) I'm gonna feel right at home with students (and again prolong my life as a student even if it was over for like two years ago)
Today I'm gonna do some research for my job on Monday, hopefully it's gonna be longer than a week. If someone has any idea, please tell me!

In Malaga, again

Okay, I went home and bought a one-way ticket lmost immidiately... and now I'm here again. I was back in Sweden for less than two weeks I think and didn't really do much. Now I'm hoping to be the luckiest person in the world and find a job within a weeks period and get a room for 250€ a month for the start of October. If all that could happen, I would consider myself really fortunate. It's not that I haven't done nothing to achieve a little.
I did actually apply for a number of different media located in Costa del sol, but only the scadinavian ones cared for answering, all the English speaking ones didn't even answered me. One Scandinavian magazine actually wanted an article but after that, I haven't heard much, other than that they are gonna publich it. I don't know if there's more articles to come (even though they did say that they would give me more freelance stuff if they liked the first one) or if I'm getting paid for the one they got (which I do believe but the paper work is gonna take some time).
On Thursday I'm gonna visit the radio, I really hope that I can get an assistent job or something, I don't necessary need to get a high position job immidiately, just to be in the business is my goal for the moment.
Other than the media jobs I have also applied for a teacher job, a secretary job and a seemstress job. Yes, the seemstress job was really a long shot but I thought, it doesn't cost me anything to email. None of those considered me quilified. I guess they are right.
Tomorrow I may go and check a room out that will be avaiable from Oct 1. I think I'm gonna go for that one.
There's a problem uploading pictures on right now.. so I guess I just have ot wait befroe I can post any pictures or update my heading.

Time for an update

I guess it's time for me to write what I have been doing regarding my move to Spain the last couple of days. Even though I have a tendensy to get depressed where I currently am and don't really feel like doing anything else but watch tv and feel sorry for myself.
  • Applied for another job at Fuengirola Kiopraktiske Klinikk as a secretary
  • Ordered the insurance card for illnness and such
  • Mr M have looked at a room for me, total cost 270,5 € a month
The room thing is kind of freaking me out. First there's a basic rent fee of 250€ and then there's internet and elecricity to be paid every month on top of that, 12,5€ and 6€ each. Then, every third month, the water has to be paid, that's 6€. That's not enough, there's also a gas tank that has to be changed every twentyeith day so every fifth time is my turn to pay 10,5€. I don't really know what to do, should I take it or should I not....
And I don't have a job. I got that article, but I have no idea if I'm gonna get more. I got an email from the radio, saying that I might get a freelance once a week... but then nothing. I guess I don't have experience enough for any of the jobs I want. I have no idea how to get experience...without working.

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