Oh, snap!

Sorry folks for not updating at all... the thing on my mind right now are christmas present and some emails I don't want to write. There's this event that I need to ask if I can participate for handing out flyers. The ones who are having it are the newpaper I eralier this year applied to. I'm quite sure that they are gonna be snobbish about it and think they and their event is to important for me to be on. There's a lot of that going on here.
I want to point out that most people are really nice and want to help out with my work of spreading the word about Spancom. But the ones who are too important for it seem to be of a higher number than usual. I really hate it when people ask me who the hell I am and why am I here. Sometimes it feels like they are not asking me in my position of work but actually asking why I personally are there breathing their air.

I changed my mind about changing my wardrobe. First of all because I rahter pay my debts, second of all I can't trhow out stuff that is perfectly fine and third and probably the most important, I really like my style and is actually now starting to get it right.

I'm thinking about more useful entries, that actually make sense for the theme of the blog. It's coming soon, as soon as I get that damn email written.

Btw, it seems like my bosses thinks I'm doing a good job. I'm glad, my education was not for nothing after all (it's not maning to be sarcastic, I mean it.

The quote is from Joy in My name is Earl


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