Nu skulle det vara skönt med en öl och en bastu någonstans

I catch myself thinking, it is 24 C and sunny outside and here I am, sitting inside and freezing, that is insane. I guess, being brought up in mostly darkness, sun is always gonna be considered a luxury you have to take care of. So I actually decided to take my book and go to the park. I'm not really doing anything else, got a little annoyed with not finidn anything in googlemaps and outlook giving me trouble for no reason at all. I just feel like I have nothing to do here. ¨
The qoute is from a comedy sketch called "ensamseglaren" (the lonely sailor) and I remember to write that in the end of a blogpost when being in US and I remember the feeling I had, the feeling of just wanting to go home, to how it was, to my friends and my dorm and my courses and everything that I had at home and that was gone by then. Now, as you all know, that feeling is for US instead. And I sure hope this feeling is gonna come next year to, for this place andthe people here. It is a lot easier to go to Sweden from here than from US but it is not to travel in distance I want to, I want to travel in time and the sam goes for last year, the distance scared me, but the time moving scared me even more.

Anyway, I'm gonna take my book and go to the park and read (actually, the same thing my mom adviced me to do, last year)


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