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Fight for clean clothes
It's interesting how the fewer the people the more the wshing machine in my apartment is being used. Now we are three people in an apartment for seven. There's one washing machine and one of those indoor things to hang your clothes on. There are string outside but I don't have those things to keep your clothes on the strings so I prefer to hang them indoors. The interesting thing that I have noticed is that it is actually harder to wash now, when we are three and before, when we were seven. And another interesting thing. When I lived in Karlstad, we had two washing machines on 24 people and there were never any problem at all doing oyur laundry. How come that it gets harder to wash the fewer people?

Even thought I am starting to get annoyed with those small things that everyone has. The habit of "what I do is the right way of doing it and if everyone did so there would be no problems living togehter" which is never true. The simple explanation of that is that a person living by oneself would never have dirty dishes, dirty clothes of any mess of any kind. When living togheter it doesn't come down to do it the right or the wrong way, it has to be done the agreed way and then it can be done in any way. It's the small things, like when to do your dishes, sure the right way is to do them right away but even the most perfect person have had to leave them at one point, so then what? Then it is better to agree about how long before it's not tolerable anymore and where and how to keep them. Some fill eveything with water, others thinks that is disgusting and those are the things to talk about. Not only yell when someone is not doing it the way you learned from at home.
After being a roommate for eight years soon, I am of the opinion that everyone should be forced to live with other people at one point in you life.

Choosing friends
When you get out of high school people are hapy because that is the last time you've been forced together with people of not your choice. My first thought is that this is good too, but the more I think about it, the more I feel that this is not positive at all. All of my best friends do not share my opinions, interest of dreamjob, we have stuff in common but atleast I tend to like peope who are not like me. And the only way for me to find these people is to be forced togehter with them. I guess that's way I like the whole living together with strangers thing, you never know who you might stumble upon.

Escuela oficial
Todays entry became a little philosofical but the laundry thing kind of annoys me. There's stuff at school that annoys me to but let's save that for another day. I don't want you to stop reading in the middle of the entry thinking "does she never stop"

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