Nobody does, exept from mr. Turle and it's not like he's telling anybody

The weather
Ok, it's Spain and it is in the south. It has the rumour to be warm. The rumour is true, no doubt about that, the worst thing that can happen is that the temprature drops to 10, it gets cloudy and rains. But everything is relative. When it is 10 C outside in wintertime, it is warm, when it is 10C inside, it is fucking freezing. There's no problem living in a country with -20C when you can go inside to +20C, but when there's no heating system what so ever and everything is made of stone and the ceilings are miles up, the inside temperature is more or less the same as the inside temprature.
Right now, it's +12C outside, which means that it is between that and +15C inside. I live in a really old house, where water has come into the electricity system (no way of knowing for sure, but when the lamp in the hall roof is filled with water we got kind of suspicious), the floor and walls are made of stone (or another cold material), the roof is really high up, the windows are like summerhouse windows, there's a hole in the wall in the kitchen, there's windows everywhere and all we got for warmth is one of those small heating fans (one for each one so if everyone is on at the same time, the fuse goes) It's no picnic in the park.
I highly recoment you to come when the summer is approcing or is already here, ten degress inside is not pleasant.

About me
I have to admit that if I had been 16 and had lots of money, I would probably have one of those look-at-how-much-clothes-I-can-buy kind of blogs. Or maybe like a makeup one (when I was sixteen my parents owned a store filled with makeup and parfuems so the interest came naturally) but I feel that I'm a little to old for that (if I were in the buisness, it would be another thing) and I don't have so much money and a problem of seperate myself from things. I have clothes that are ten years old, that will never fit me again, that I have remade a couple of times and thar are washed out that I just can't throw out. Of course I enjoy shopping but I reallt don't have the money for keeping up a blog around it. And for now, I decided to not go shopping for the rest of my time here (no money and I have been doing a lot of shopping lately)
I like to think that my blog is about something interesting and I really like to think that it is fun to read what I write. I've been writing my whole life so I hope I know how to do that. Despite the fact that I changed my mind of what to do (even though, they are all in the same field, mor or less). I don't think I would make it as an artist. I admire those who are, that can create something that looks like something bit is not really how it looks in reality. But I like cartoons and making stuff life-like, so whatever you can do from making those kind of things is what I want to do.
This is too much about me and too little about Spain, sorry, everything will get better as the week starts again.

Qoute - Darnell (Crabman), My name is Earl


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