You catch even more flies with manure, what's you point?

I've actually finished one of the many pages I need to do. It´s a really tidious work, looking up words all the time, and despite the fact that I've use a dictonary my whole life and usually looks up words and stuff, I feel that I am really slow and I never seem to learn the alphabet by heart and I always go from A-Z in my head. I feel really confused, I'm talking to myself in English and in Swedish to be able to understand Spanish. Some stuff is similar to English and other in Swedish so I go back and forth. I got the Nordstedts dictonary for christmas and I felt a little skeptic. I remeber that I discovered the Norstedts dictonatry for English containing a lot of faults and being more or less useless. But, there's a difference. In English, I'm good enough to use an English to English dictonary. I'm not quite there in Spanish, so, Norstedts works actually really good. I like the list of the verbs in the back and the reference number by word in the translation part. Over all, I recomend Norstedts for a language you don't really know. If you're fluent, get a dictonary in the same langague. Oh, and another thing, I write and highlight in my dictonary. At first it feels like a big no, no, I mean, these books are expensive. But the dictonary gets more helpful with your own notes, highlights and comments, I promise.

Nygren, H - Norstedts lilla spanska ordbok - 13028064
Picture from Norstedts

Qoute - Sheldon, TBBT


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