Aaah, you told me not to worry about it, I should have been worried the whole time

I feel like I deserve today. Yesterday, a friend of Mr. M was in town so there was  party. It's not so much the alcohol that makes me feel bad, but the cigaretts. I use to smoke but for the last years I've been smoking off and on and mostly when I party. But, it seems that, because I'm not an everyday smoker, I get a really bad headace from just five or so cigaretts. I used to smoke a package at parties but now I feel sick just after three. I still smoke, however, I guess that is the last drop of the addiction I don't seem to overcome.
I remeber in the USA, it was more common amongst college students to smoke pot rather than cigaretts. I remember being asked if I wanted some once. But I thought that, if I haven't tried it yet, there's no use of trying. By 25 years of age, the excitement of trying different kinds of poison has kind of wore off.

Walking around for eternity
I had a previous entry about the disgusting toilets here. I don't know if I mentioned the way of going out. The ususal pre partying is like any other (but starts at midnight) but instead of going to one place, stand in line for half an hour and then pay 10€ just to get in, you go to different places. Most of the night is actually spent walking around and having one beer here, another shot there and do some dancing at a third place. I guess it's also referred as pub crawl, but you don't call it that here, it's just partying.

Those palabras are gonna make me insane
I did very little of my studies yesterday so I guess today is the day of the huge amount of study. Last night, there was french, arabic, english and spanish at the party. Mr. M's friends did their best speaking english to me and I just kept thinking that I don't know any spanish words (palabras). It's gonna be a long and hard process of learning spanish.

Maybe I'll post some not so very interesting pictures

Qoute - Peter, Family guy


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