Ahhh, perfect pour. That however, was urin I just drank

The phonecall

So this is how the phone call went (in Spanish, of course)
My landlord - Hi Mimmi
Me - Ehhh.. hi, ehm, ah.... it´s Mimmi
My landlord - Hi xxxx xxxx xxx
Me - Ehm, ah, I have a question ... ah, ehm, can I change room with Anna, after she moves out, ehm...
My landlord - Of course, no problem xxx xxx xxx xxx xx xx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx x xxx x
Me - I´m sorry, ehm.... I don´t understand.. ehm..
My landlord - xx xx xx xx xx
Me - ehm, okey, ah, ehm, ...., ah... can I change room with Anna, is it okey?
My landlord - It is no problem, Mimmi
Me - Thank you
My landlord - Bye
Me - Thank you, bye

It was a complete disaster. Like that time Mr. M taught me how to say "can you please tell me when we approach the trainstation" and he forgot to tell me what the busdriver might answer me. Which he did and I looked like a big questioning mark and just started to repeat what I´ve learned. Or, that other time (the other day actually) when I had no idea what the lady in the register was talking about and I just looked at her, without saying anything.
Atleast I know that I can change room.

Qoute - Roger, American dad


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