Are you looking at my boobs, dummy?

I'm sitting here in my pink suit from IKEA (looking stylish) and feeling like I've been hit by a truck. I don't feel any good at all and all the Spanish work I've been prosponing does not feel good at all.

The kissing thing goes with girls, girl - girl and boy - girl. Boys have somekind of arm clap going on, same as everywhere. If the buys are close, there can be a hug but not more than that. In the families, I guess it varies, like with all families. I am not sure about the official greeting, like with job interviews, I have to ask Mr. M about that.

I made home made french fries the other day and thought you wanted to see it (I have a thing for food pictures, I know, it has been established a long time ago)

the frying in the pan


Qoute - Joy, My name is Earl

Btw, I do want to stress that I LOVE comments

Written by: Cathrine Thomson

This reminds me of when I lived in England. We hade home made chips several times a week, lunch or dinner. Fish&chips, fried egg&chips, baked beans&chips, sausage&chips, bread&chips and more. No wonder I put on a lot of weight during my 6,5 years over there :-)

2010-02-26 @ 22:22:41

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