This is what I got for my birthday from Mr M. It´s a cute plastic rabbit that connects to your WiFi and as I understand it can do numerous things. I haven´t seen it yet cus first it took forever to get it connected and then, it is registrered to someone else. I´ve contacted the support but as far as I know, they haven´t answered anyone since 2006..... I hope I can get it unregistrered and register it on me cus I really wanna see what it can do. i guess it would bring me more joy if my friends had one too (cus you can send messages and music tracks too it) and if I had Wifi at my place (cus without it, its just a white plastic rabbit) It´s called Nabaztag but as you register it you give it a name of you own. I´m planning to name it Mr Conejo (which is rabbit in Spanish)

Read more about it here

Qoute- Sheldon BBT


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