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I love the smell of dead cockroaches in the morning
I had told myself that I needed to outside of my apartment at eight. I start at nine and the bus is a quarter away and takes ten minutes and there's some more walking to do. It is actually quite near. THe thing is that I don't know how often the bus goes and didn't wanna miss it and wait fifteen minutes and be late. So at 8:11 I was out the door. I live on the second floor and as I do down the stairs I can feel a particular smell, I have no idea what it smells like but it feels like that is how dead roaches smell. And since I found the first one for this year, yesterday, I'm a bit afraid that they are gonna come out at any time now.
The bus were standing at the busstation when I arrived and was about to leave, so I didn't got the chance to look at how often it goes. WHen I arrived at school, they hadn't even opened the café yet and I was first in my class to arrive. After walking around a bit and having an akward conversation with the people at the front desk (I needed a stapler) other classmates start to arrive. We all sat a while in the classroom until the teacher showed up. So, I have to say, all in all, I do good time.

Light bulbs, anyone?
But I have to say, that in the cold, cold north where waking up after nine is a sin and nothing can be done after 2 in the afternoon, I mean, seriously, the lightbulb was invented in 1879. There's no use of comepting with the rooster anymore.

Right now
I'm back at the cafe, doing useful stuff (like blogging and farmvilling) but as soon as I finish the entry, I'm gonna do some job search.

Qoute - Stan, American dad


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