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Right now
It has been sunny and really warm the last couple of days so, of course, today, when I deceded to not wear my jacket, it is raining. It's not to much but it gives you that sad feeling. I have this strange headace but as soon as I finish this entry, I'm gonna make lunch.

Escuela oficial de idiomas
Today was a really confusing day. A gril next to me gave me answer to excersies the teacher was going through that we didn't have to finish until next week. I don't like it when people I don't know tell me what to do when I haven't asked them. I'm a big fan of asking for help, but this doesn't feel like helping, more getting me more confused. And then she laughed at me for not understanding what the teacher asked me. Obviously, with her in my right ear telling me what to fill in and the people at my right ear talking about how they don't know what we are doing and the rest of the class speaking more or less at the same time, it is kind of hard to follow. So far this has been a quite crappy day (some highlights). I stayed behind to catch up but there's some stuff I can not get my grip on so I went home.

I'm gonna take som pics of my apartment to show you, stuff that are different from in Sweden. (And I'm not gonna have an nap today)

Qoute - The Valentine card Lisa gives to Ralph, The simpsons


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