I'm getting hungry, let's dig up your mother so that she can make us breakfast

Clothes are dryed outside. Or outside but in the middle of the apartment (in my case). It's like they built the apartment around an invisible squere and it is not like a balcony, it feels like it is solely for the purpose of hanging out clothes.
The kitchen has a gas stove, a microwave, a grill/toaster and the washing machine for clothes (and outside of the window in the kitchen, there's more strings. (Obviously a sink as well is located in the kitchen)
After doing the dished, they can neatly be put behind cupboard doors for drying. A very neat invention, indeed.

Oh, and I almost forgot, the hole in the wall in the kitchen. Common here, a disaster in Sweden, I might add.

Right now
I'm so tired I think I'm gonna fall asleep in the chair, put, I'm gonna pull myself together and stay awake.

Qoute - Stan, American dad

Written by: Hanna

Vilken ypperlig konstruktion det där med disken, indeed! Då syns det ju inte på torkstället om man nyligen diskat en monsterdisk. Kul förresten att se lite hur du bor. :) Men Mimmi, vad är den bruna saken i hörnet bredvid The Hole..? Det ser precis ut som en bajskorv.

2010-02-10 @ 19:09:21

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