Maybe you should stop naming them, that's what we did with the children after the military took over the village

Spanish test - sheck
Interview for Spanish course - wating two hours and have to come back tomorrow
And then I found out that it is not even sure that you get accepted. It doesn't sound right that I have to pass a language test to be able to learn that language. But I'm not making the rules. Right now I'm sitting in the schools cafeteria and suddenly I'm alone exept from two other people that are also looking at a screen. When I came it was a group of people having a contest on which can be the loudest one. I couldn't even hear what Mr. M was saying in the phone. I hate people.

Last Friday,we played drinking Ludo with mini-tequila sunrise, liquorice shots and other liquids. It was reall fun even though I really can't take the vodka (in the liqurice shots) so next time, I'm gonna alternate with water. It was a fun night :) Even though I did expect some arguing regarding the rules, I lost the small piece of paper that explains them or there never was one. I thought that the rules of Ludo was universal until I med Mr. M, apparently it's the national sport of Marocco (not reall,y but everbody plays it or something like that) and the game is very komplex and have a lot of rules. For me it has always been something kids play or grownups play for social purposes (until drinking Ludo, the it become for party purposes as well). The rules explained
on Wikipedia are the ones I use, exept from that you can also move a piece out to the board if you throw a one.

Qoute - Katalina, My name is Earl

Written by: Nicole

Hej! Jag vet inte hur jag har hittat hit men nu är jag här och läser din blogg och vill också åka utomlands!!!

Önskar du kunde uppdatera hela tiden :) haha

Vem är mr m undrar jag?


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