Not a fathers day

Relized that i haven´t answered your comments lately.
I´m planning to be in Spain until June, by then I hopefully have a job in Norway to return to... It´s all fun with the Spanish but I need to get a job and save up some money, I want to go back to school and get a second degree. And for the questions about the languge school... as soon as I figure out when it ends, I´m gonna give a full explanation of it all. When it starts, how much it costs, how long it is, if there´s any exams, how to get there, and so on. Keep on asking about it!
The dish solution is nothing more than pure awsumness and should be standard in every kitchen. Because there´s nothing worse than when you ahve been good and done all the dishes but the kitchen looks a mess anyway, cus of all the clean dishes instead. With this, the battle is won! And for the poo in the corner, I saw it myself when I uploaded the picture and wondered what it was. I´m gonna check and get back to you.

The highlight of the day
I was quite down when I left the classroom and I wanted to get downk to the cafè and my cup of coffee as soon as possible. I saw a shortcut close to a corner but a woman were standing a bit from it with her back against me and as I approached she turned around and we bumped into eachother. I didn´t really care, cus I was already in a bad mood but she started to really apologize and as I didn´t think it was her fault at all (mostly bad luck for both of us) I said that I am the one who should appologize, but it probably didn´t sounded so very happy. But she did bring a highlight in my day. I like it when people positively suprise me.

Qoute - Barney, How I met your mother

Written by: Nicole

Kul med lite bilder. :) Synd att du bara ska stanna till Juni, jag funderar på att läsa över sommaren, hade varit kul om man visste någon som var där. :)

Är det dyrt med boende?

Måste även fråga vad du vill studera till, alltid kul o höra vad andra vill/tänker osv. Själv känner jag mig ganska kluven vad jag vill bli...

Ha det bra!!

2010-02-11 @ 13:37:23

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