She was an angel... and I turned her into me

I´m sick again...
The only sickness I am sensetive to is the cold. Nothing else gets to me exept from that virus and when I am cold, I am extra sensetive to it. As you know, the weather has been quite cold here, atleast inside... so I´ve been walking around cold as a stiff and greeting people. And the greetings here is not really non transferring freiendly. One kiss on each cheak (if you´re a girl) with everyone you meet, basically all the time. Not with people you meet every day but if it has been a day, you have to kiss. And it doesn´t matter if it is two or twenty people, you just have to do it. Needless to say, the hello and the goodbye can take an eternity. It doesn´t either matter if you´re sitting down at a table, in the corner and no way of getting out. The kisses finds its way, always.
In the beginning, I always found this really akward, I don´t see the point of going to so much trouble just to say hello to someone but I am used to opsessive hugging from my family so as soon as I got used to the whole kissing thing, its kind of nice. I mean, you get to talk to the people immidiately and the akwardness happens instantely and you don´t have to wait it out.

Qoute - Charlie, Two and a half men

Btw, you start the kissing from your left

Written by: Nicole

Hehe men hur gör killar när de hälsar på killar och hur gör kille - tjej?

Så man hälsar så på alla typ en intervju? lärare? eller är det bara vänner o vänners vänner o så? :)

2010-02-26 @ 21:01:59

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