The worst thing in your life... so far

Escuela oficial de idiomas
Okay, on the first day of class (Monday) I was there one minute to nine (class starts at nine) on Tuesday I was there eight thirty and the next day five minutes later than that. Today, I was forty minutes late. I had however a change of destination to go from and a really bad night of sleep. But, I have to say, that today's class was the best one. I kind of followed on everything and could more or less answer to everything the teacher asked me. If I do some studying today, I'll be perfect for tomorrow (well, aswell as getting there on time, but that is yet to come)

Bus thoughts
Being on a bus or any type of transportation makes me think (that's probablt why I'm not really safe in the traffic, cus this goes for walking as well) and I have a new theory. It has to be tested and I'm quite confident that it will fail, but it's gonna be fun to get there. The theory goes that there's three ways of looking at things, a dumb way, a logical way and a smart way. And this goes for everything. A friend of mine and I mad the conclusion that everything is math, therefore, everything is logical too. One can refuse to see (or not have the chance to) see the logical way, and then is looking at it in a dumb way. Being logical about it, is not, however, the smart way. It is just logical, a kind of neutral state and it is when looking beyond the logic that the smartness occur. I thought about several examples where this can be applied but I made the conclusion that it is only one that matters. Math. Can math be seen in a 'smart' way? or is it only logical? I can not determine this, I am not a mathematician, I've only had math in primary school (so, then only have learned the logical way) so I need a mathematician to tell me if there's a beyond the logic in math?

I'm gonna have a nap and then go and buy myself a buscard. Then I'm gonna decide wether to go or not to the carneval in Cadiz and maybe I'll post some pictures from my apartment

Qoute - Homer, The Simpson Movie

Btw, the 'poo' in the kitchen is... I have no idea, it's a piece of squere  black plastic and it has a sticker underneatch it (the text in Spanish) I do suspect it is some kind of insect poison that the other people living here said that they bought (I overheard the conversation but didn't see what they were talking about)


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