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First day
Okay, so today was the first day of class... and of course, I was late. But when I arrived at school I saw my professor standing in the door and when she got in, she walk into the café. So, even thought I was late, my teacher was more late. I strongly believe that it was a part of her act, because when she entered the room, she looked all confused and kept saying stuff like she forgot to prepare the class and maybe forgot the books and that she was nervous. But when I saw her in the entrance, she looked like she had it all under control. But that is a fun and a really nice trick, cus everyone is nervous exept from the teacher (who's probably nervous but not in the same way). The lesson was more or less the teacher going from one student to another and asking them their names, where they are from, where they live now, how long they lived there, if they studied any spanish before and if so, how long and if they have any spanish friends. She didn't ask everyone all the questions, she asked according to the Spanish level of the one she was speaking with. So needless to say, she didn't ask me a lot. I really messed up, cus I felt really stupid saying that I didn't know any Spanish but I've been studied it for two years. I have no idea how to say "I studied it for two years in high school because I had to, so I didn't pay attention or care at all, therefore not learning anything" in Spanish, so I just studdered a few words I know and the whole class felt sorry for me, trying to explain what I tried to say and helping me. It was completely awful.

That was not really the worst thing either. I really hate those things, even in Swedish, I hate those things. Because I never know what to say and I always tend to get people around me to laugh, not cus I'm funny but cus I say stuff you don't need to say or stuff they didn't expect me to say. So imagen what I think about doing this in a language I can not even speak. Of course, with my usual luck (which is kind of like Donald Duck's, not bad enough to destroy your life but enough to get you embaressed and confused) the techer called a break, right before my turn. My hands were sweating, my heart beating and in my head I tried to come up with as many phrases in Spanish as possible so that I could answer her correctly. And now, I had to sit through a break before it was my turn. Crap.

During the break, I saw a friend I got to know a little of the day for the interview and we went to the café. I lost track of time and when she was in the third level (I'm in two) I left her there to go to my class, of course, the class had started and when I wasn't there, they had skipped my turn. So in a way, I got relaxed so she caught me of guard when she asked me the questions, hence the stubbling and the total mess.

And it turned out that my friend changed class, so she was in mine. Really nice of me to just leave her in the cafeteria, really nice.

I guess, being confused and stumbling as I am, relaxes people and everyone feel comfortable talking to me. Cus it doesn't matter how stupid they feel, atleast they are not as confused as me. This doesn't really bug me a lot. I'm always really nervous and such but when I notice people being relaxed in my precense, I kind of like being the confused one. What I don't like is when people start talking down to me cus of it. I'm not stupid just cus I´'m nervous and confused. Most people don't, but there has been a few.

Right now
I'm in the cafeteria, doing three things at once, farmville, blogging and applying for jobs in Norway. The cafeteria is loud, crowded and plays music. The music is good, I got a seat and as long as there's noone shouting and screaming, I don't mind. I think I'm getting internet at my place today, but I do believe that I'm gonna keep on bringing my computer. Even though it is a cefeteria, I actually do more stuff being here than being at home.

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