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Moving day
Kind of.. I don't really know when I'm gonna move into the new room. I would like to call my landlord and ask her if they are gonna repaint it, cus if so, I can't move in today. But, the language barrier is kind of big. I did, however, start packing my stuff. Even though it is like 10 meters, I thoguth it would be easier to pack the suitcases and move a lot of stuff at the same time, and I get to see how much crap I have here. Which is a lot. There's no way I'm gonna be able to take all of this home with me. I knew that beforehand but now it is reality. It's a good thing that I'm not gonna do any more shopping here.
THe worst thing about moving is that I neer to clean a whole new room. I am not a big fan of cleaning, especially not places where it is hard to reach.
That is all that is going on today folk's.

Maybe I post an interesting story about a virgin (and they apparently have a lot of them here)

Qoute - The parson, Simpsons

Written by: mairéad

Eh, this Swedish is confusing me! Anyway, I just wanted to say - I wanna hear the virgin story!

2010-03-01 @ 19:10:17

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