Like they are not gonna notice he´s Iranian when he starts to talk?!

Walked a distance of more or less seven km today. The same distance that I walk/run, but this was sunday walking. It feels really good to be out moving, I´ve been still far too long. Even though I would appriciate to have internet where I live. I currently don´t. And as you all know, being online is like breathing for me. As a result I have been watching "my name is Earl" season 2 like three times.

Yesterday I saw Star Wars, Episode III. Lately I started to try and see all what is to see about Star Wars, to get the full picture. I google the timeline and foung this and relized that there´s probably as much effort put into the history of Star Wars as the effort put in to figuring out the earths actual history. Makes me wonder if the bible is a complete truth of if people had the same imagination then as now. Maybe as time progress, the star wars timeline will resemble the actual events of space. The one who lives will know...

Other than that, I´m mostly nervous about Tuesday. I have no idea about how it is gonna be, and that always freaks me out.

Btw, I´m going to Dublin for St. Patrick´s Day :D:D Yeeey!!!

Quote- Joy, My name is Earl

Written by: Britta

Vad händer på tisdag?

Och kul att du ska till Dublin! Du och Mario, eller?

2010-01-31 @ 18:59:50

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