I don't trust banks, I believe that when the robots rise up, the ITM's will be in charge

I'm NOT singing in the rain
I just please want it to stop raining. It is really depressing and I feel locked in. I don't have any clothes to go out (no umbrella, no raining jacket, no galoshes). My room feels like a bunker and everything  is in a big mess, becuase I am soon gonna change room (waiting for the paint to dry and for the broken stuff to get fixed) I'm all about the complaining right now... (sorry)

Yesterday was not a complete disaster (even if some wierd stuff took place)
I went to class and then straight home. I tried to stay awake but couldn't (if there's something I always am, it's sleepy... and hungry), I woke up in time for meeting a friend for coffee. After the coffee and on the way home. I managed to take those rain pictures I've been talking about (but now, photoshop stopped working) and I spotted a rat that seemed to like the rain as much as I do. I took some pictures of it.

I skipped class today (I know, I know) but hopefully that is gonna result in me getting a lot of useful stuff done :)

Qoute - Sheldon, TBBT

Written by: Britta

Tänker mig att bilden på den stackars råttan visar precis hur du känner dig i regnet! :)

2010-03-05 @ 14:58:45

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