I´m a dog, I just met you, I love you

New room
I'm now sitting in the same apartment but in a slighty smaller room. The other difference is that I have two doors that I can open to the outside where I can se the sun and the street and let some fresh air in. Which makes a huge difference. I don't need space anyway, I'm just sitting in front of the computer anyway. The downside is that is is raining outside so there's not a good idea ot have those doors open right now. There's gonna be pictures soon, I'm jst waiting for some sun.

Dull, dull, dull
This weekend is kind of slow and dull. Later, me and Mr. M is gonna go to the movies, but that is pretty much it. No exciting parties, no exciting trips...

It can't all be fun

Qoute - Dog, Up (Movie)


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