Just too clearify, when you get to three, do we stand up or do we pee?

It's not raining today, I just want to say that so that the next time it rains, I will remember that it didn't on this day.
I actually had a conversation in Spanish earlier. I came from the bus, walking to my place and I passed a resturant where one of the guys that used to live in my apartment work. He's from Argentina and doesn't know any English, so speaking in Spanish is the only option. I've always avoided speaking to him because (as you know) I am really insecure about my Spanish. But today, I actually manage to have a conversation where I actually said something and didn't just try my hardest to understand what he was talking about. I'm really proud of myself despite the fact that I didn't really understand everything he said and everything I said were completely wrong. But, I think he understood what I was talking about and that is the important thing.

Now, I'm mentally preparing myself for going out on a run. I've downloaded some auido books  that I'm gonna listen to.

I have the feeling that this is gonna be a busy day...

Qoute - Sheldon, TBBT


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