Tonight I spice my meat with gobblin blood

A quicky
Okay, it's sunny outside and I'm trying to be on my feet to get out and walk. But there's just so many things I need to do before I can get out of the door. I need to take care of my farm and write a blog entry (and stuff like a friend got a new job and I'm out of qoutes got in the way)
It's sunny here now but the wind is cold so it feels kind of like the spring in Sweden (which feels wierd)

New design
I love comments on my new design (more please). Thank you. I spent a lot of time doing it and I'm not finished because I got lost in the code and now I don't know what I'm doing. Atleast now the comment page is in English as well as the front page.

Language school
I'm getting tired and frustrated. I've started to memorize words but I seem not ot be able to do anything right, I feel worthless. Besides, the people in the class are starting to bug me. I had a couple of episodes some weeks ago but I shoke it of. Now, they seem to repeat themselfes. In the beginning, I was sitting next to two English women who had some problems following the class. So, they talked the whole freakin time instead. I locked my ears in that direction for a long time (I have that ability, more than you can imagen) but in the end I told them that if they paied more attention on what the teacher was saying rather than talking about it, they might catch a few more words. It helped, a bit. In the end, they both disaperared anyway, so, problem solved. Then I had another ugly episode with a girl who started to tell me the right answers to a home work I hadn't done. I don't like that. I find people that talks annoying, as much, but I find people who gives me the right answers without me even trying first very irritating. I told her to stop doing that but she continued. Luckely, she didn't sit beside (or came to class) me again.
But today, two guys that I have behind me had a loud converastion thougout the whole class. And, for a brief moment, the buy sitting next to me gave me the right answer when it was my turn to say it (I already had the right answer so it was not a big deal). I sat for a long time, thinking about what to tell the guys. I mean, I don't wanna be mean and besides, if they would just have lowered their voices a little bit, I would have heard the teacher a lot better.
Then I relized, if I can't beat them, join them (not that I had tried but still) so I just turned around, looked at them and said hello (in Spanish). They got dead quiet. Didn't say a word. I asked them if they are speaking spanish or another language, they replied Spanish. I said good and turned around again. This helped a lot. They were a lot more wuite for the rest of the class.
I guess I'm a bit damaged by my juniour high teachers, who one of them made the embariss a teenager to an art from and my English teacher, who didn't mind us talking during class, as long as it was English.

Sorry for the long entry. I have a lot on my mind but now, I'm gonna have a walk.

Qoute - Raj, TBBT


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