You know how your daddy used to say, you can only fish for so long before you have to throw a stick of dynamite in the water?

I went out yesterday to take some pictures of the city. It is quite changed now during semana santa, exept from people being everywhere there's various stands of toys and candy and thousands of chairs. Everywhere there's chairs. The main chopping street is full of them, plaza de la constitución is full of them, the roundabout between the bus streets is full of them and many, many more. I read somewhere that even thought semana santa is supposed to be a sad holiday, most people are not really sad nowdays. I can not really say anything about this holiday, Mr. M are usually in Marocco this time of year and don't celebrate it. Which is too bad, because this seem to be the only holiday with the most difference to what I am used to. Anyway, I found this lollipop and I just had to buy it, I have no idea what they are called, these costumes but sadly, they remind me of KKK (which is not really  good thing, I know, but I can't help wonder where KKK got their designs from). I hope there's any American or Spanish person reading my blog that could give me an asnwer :)

Thank you for the nice comments, it really warmed my heart. I want to be personal in what I write but no to personal and I defenitly want to be real. I don't want to pretend that everything is great all the time, that doesn't help anyone but I feel bad when entries come out as the one yesterday, it doesn't give off a good feeling. But I am glad for all off you who reads!
I like to listen to Spanish and everyone I have met here speaks really good English, some have never studied it and still speaks really good. I know I put too much pressure on myself, I can notice it because I don't do anything (which is my response when stuff gets to hard, I just stop doing it, thinking it will go away or resovle itself) But it is gonna be changes.

I'm still in my pj´s but I'm gonna change and get out on a run (who can resist when the sun is shining) and continue listen to "Dude, where's my country" by Mickael Moore

Qoute - Sheldon's mom, TBBT

Written by: Lorena

Hey there!!

Nice candy picture!! I had a good laugh ^^

I am no expert, but I can tell you they're called penitentes (penance) so they're supposed to go silent and so, they used this kind of hat to cover their faces but to say they're guilty of something...

I think I'm gonna check with my dad, so I can tell you better. Anyway, there's nothing to do with kkk

If misterious M. doesn't know how to show you around, I'll sugest you go out tomorrow (thursday) afternoon so you can have a good luck at the most famous processions:

-"el cristo de la buena muerte" or "la legión" cause it comes with a bunch of soldiers singing and a goat (dont ask...)

-"el chiquito" we'll this one is nice and the people around gets so moved.. anyway, another sugestion is to watch them say goodbye to them when the procession is over, really special sometimes.

Good luck!!!

2010-03-31 @ 23:50:13

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