How to blend into East Tennessee

Ya'll probably know this and doesn't think much of it. But I do and my friends here do and we have been thinking about it ever since we took our first steps on American soil. I've been around in the east part of U.S but I have to say that when it comes to culture I have got to know the East Tennesse one the best.This is how you survive;
  1. First of all, it is U.S, not USA. USA is something for the rest of the world so if you don't want to expose yourself as an outsider, never say USA, it's U.S
  2. Don't think about straws as something you have at your birthday (when you are five) or something for a special occasion or maybe in your drink. Straws goes in every drink and if there's no straws, there's no way of drinking. Remember that, it is important.
  3. The same goes for ice. Hence the straw.
  4. The same goes for soda. 
  5. But if you're in Tennesse, you prefer sweet tea. You know exactly how it is supposed to taste like and where to buy your favourite one. It is a good conversation piece. I doubt that this is something to try in the rest of the U.S thought, this goes for the south, just so that ya'll know.
  6. If the soda machine is not located behind the counter or a note say otherwise, there's always free refill. Don't question the different sizes of cups and prizes. Don't question the free refill and don't say that it doesn't exist in Europe. (they might get an idea)
  7. Every size is bigger. Everything is bigger. If you normally have a big coffee in Europe, order a small one in U.S and expect the same size. For everything.
  8. But there's no such thing as wasting food. If there's food left on your plate for another meal, ask for a box. There's no embaressment in that. That's what you do. And then you appreciate the big portions and food gets cheaper the less you eat.
  9. Ordinary - dining out, Special occasions - Homecocked food. Homecocked food is cocked for hours. Not made in ten minutes, as in my house.
  10. Biscuits and sausage sauce, in the morning, perfectly normal. Warm food for breakfast, no biggie. Be glad you're not in England, it is actually worse there.
  11. If you go to U.S and especially if you go to the south make sure that you love chicken. There's a lot of good food but the chicken is always good, anywhere. And it is everywhere. Thousands of flavours and preparations. Enjoy!
  12. If you don't like chicken, maybe a roadkill would suit you. There's a few of those as well. Rackons, foxes, rabbits and other small animals are seen quite often on the road. I guess that's why they actually have an own word for it. Roadkill. There's no such word anywhere else. We have fences.
  13. Speaking fo road. Legs doesn't really do you good in this coutnry, unless born with wheels, no way of getting anywhere. There might be a bus that might go somwhere at some point but don't count on it and if it does, it probably quit going at an early hour anyway.
  14. Same goes for drives license. There's no concept of people above 18 without drivers license.
  15. Your car is your fortress. You thought it was your house. No. Half of what you own is in your car. At all times. Everyone have their own car so there's no other use for those backseats. 
  16. Your can do everything from your car. Everything has a drive though. It is not only McDonalds. Drive through ATM and drive in movie theaters are American concepts. There's no need for parking just do everything in or from your car. 
  17. If you need to park however, there's parking spaces everywhere but they seem to never be enough so sometimes there's need for crossing a street, If you parked far away, that will say.
  18. Hence the crossover and crossover signs, they are not there for pedestrians who walk, they are there for drivers who parked far way. Don't think otherwise.
  19. How do I know that? Why would they else place the crossover sign button 20 feet from the actual crossover?
  20. There's 12 inches in a foot, 3 feet in a yard and 1760 yards in a mile. There's nothing in between and nothing smaller than an inch. Great. Easy. I see how U.S holds on to this. Makes perfect sense.
  21. I'm not gonna try to figure out pounds. All I know is that I went from 60 to 140 when I went from Europe to U.S. No wonder they have eating issues.
  22. Vending machines are as common as trees and seem to grow both here and there as a natural element in the enviroment.
  23. Remember the names of everyone you meet. At all times, they are gonna remember yours and they are always gonna greed you every time they see you. Forever. 
  24. Always say hi to people you met and keep the door open. Politeness is big here (atleast in the south) and make sure to appriciate it. We don't want it to go away, do we?

This are some of the things me and my friends have thought about so far. If I forgot anything or if anything comes to your mind while reading this, please tell me so that I can update this list.


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