I got an epifani

It's 04:44 am and I should be doing something I should have done last week. It was not that I didn't have the time, I just rather did something else.

Never the less, I am thinking about other things than those I should and then it came to me. Like an epifani (which, by the way is a real hard word to figure out how to spell) and I realized a solution to my image problem.

If I don't have my own pictures I can always use ClipArt.

I know, not the prettiest pictures, ten years ago. Things actually do change. I looked through the ones in Office and then there's tons of them at the Microsoft website. All free to use (I didn't read the license agreement but they are there and it doesn't seem to be a problem at all to download)

In conclusion, if I don't have my own pictures, I can always play around with Microsoft's ones... 



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