My favorite place in East Tennessee

We did an exercise in class, magazine article writing, where we had to write about our favorite place in East Tennesse for ten minutes, this is what I came up with;
The whole thing (Shell gas station on State of Franklin in Johnson City, Tn)

You might think that is not much in the world but when you are an exchange student in U.S there are just so many places where you can actually go. Because that is exactly what you are doing, walking. Not driving, sounds amazing, I know. And let me tell you, U.S is made for cars. But, anyway. My favorite place in this region is the Shell gas station across the road from the campus where I live. It is the closest place to walk to and it provides us with both coffee and beer, both crucial ingredients for students everywhere. It is my favorite place because it is an everyday thing. I have no idea how many times I have waited on the “walking man” to cross the street to the gas station. I do, as well, like the irony of my favorite place being a gas station because I am not able to drive. If I could drive and had a car, we would probably go somewhere else. A gas station is no place to actually hang out. But we do. We take a break from our studying to walk to the gas station and buy coffee and occasionally a weird American pastry, just to try it. We usually walk back to our dorm but sometimes we go to the drive through ATM next to the gas station and sit there for a while. When it is sunny and dry outside, we go behind the gas station and lie down on the grass. When it is cold, we don’t go at all. But that is beside the point. The gas station is my favorite place because it defines my study here. It is not my big trips and fun memories, it is what I did late nights, tired from studying.

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