Oh, no.. please, anything but socialism... we're all doomed!

Americans are fed up with taxes.

Or, maybe it is just the people of Kingsport, Tennessee.

Atleast according to Johnson City press; that reports about a protest in Kingsport, Tennesse against raised taxes and somehow it has something to do with the "Boston tea party".

This is not really what caught my attention. I like to read about when people are protesting, even though I do not always agree I think it is a good sign of a healthy society when it's citizens protest against what they feel is wrong in it. Considering the economical position U.S is in and the very historical change in office that just happened it is good to hear that American people are taking a stand for what they believe in. Wether taxes are a good thing or not is of course depending on what they pay for but it is also not of my concern what kind of attitude Americans have against taxes and so forth. I just like to know about the differences.

I have, actually, spot some main differences in culture between Sweden and U.S since I got here. Some are bad, some are good and some are actually not differences. Religion is one topic, which I believe that I have already discussed. Politics another.

I soon discovered that "communism" is a swear word here. It is used in the same way I use fascist. To be a "commi" is something really bad and I find that funny. Maybe because I did a paper on the McCharty- era and found the whole witch hunt kind of rediciolus and a little 1700 century over it or maybe I don't understand the danger with communism.

So, how is this related to Americans protesting against taxes.

I don't know.

But the protestors had signs that said "Stop socialism", so I guess they think it has something to do with eachother.
Sweden is a socialist country (as far as I know) and I find the fear of socialism somewhat wierd. I have come to the understanding that socialism works in Skandinavian countries because our populations are small. Which may be true. But I actually often ask myself if the individual freedom that one has in U.S really is worth it?


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