Shame on me

I posted the last entry a week ago and before that it was two weeks before tha last entry. Keeping up a blog is hard. I personally think that atleast one or two entries a day is a minimum and I have not been able to keep that up. At first I felt that I lacked stuff to actually write about and then I lacked the time to write it. In the end I think I lacked both time and stuff. One could say, I got a writers block. But I like blogging and I do believe that it is possible to keep a blog updated and with interesting material for a period of time. A blog can not go on forever and should have one or two specifik themes that the blog evovles around, otherwise it can get too personal and too messy for anyone to keep an interest.

I have however, been to the library and borrowed myself some books.

  • "Blogging for business" by Shel Holtz and Ted Demopoulos
  • "The new rules of marketing" by David Meerman Scott
  • "Web production for writers and journalists" by Jason Whittaker
  • "Html for dummies" by Ed Tittel and Stephen N. James
I will probably not read all of those from cover to cover but I will atleast try and find something useful for my blogging and perhaps a useful tip or so for future reference.

Another problem/issue occured and that's Somehow that toolbar or searchengine or whatever it is got downloaded to my computer and now I can't get rid of it. I have a couple of things on this thing that I can't get rid of but most of them doesn't really cause me any problems., however, do that. I don't know if it is the Swedish prefix it has a problem with or if it is websites without www that it wont let me access. doesn't let me log in to my blog, which prevents me from actually posting any entires.

I am, despite, pull myself together and keep my blog up for the last couple of weeks of the semester.


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