Crazy sun, crazy times

Just as I thought, the sun and the degress is what causes people's mood to change. Nothing has happened and is had been mostly quiet with more or less nothing to do for a couple of months now. But now, the degress is staying above ten and the sun comes out in a clear blue sky and suddenly, there's people everywhere.

This is the reason why I love spring. At home, spring is like the morning of the year. Everything wakes up and comes to live after being dead and cold for months. I'm not only talking about nature but about people as well.

It was almost a week ago since I wrote in my blog and since then I've been to a birthday dinner at Amigo's, a birthday party at a cabin, I've been hiking, I've been at a Mardi Gras birthday party and I've been to Chrome.

The crazyness kind of started on Tuesday. A friend of mine had a birthday so some people met up at Amigo's for dinner, which was fun. The waiter was first really grumpy and seemed to not really want to have us there at all but one of my friends melted his heart and in the end he was chatty and smiley. Me and one of my friends continued the evening somewhere else with drinking margeritas.

Wednsday was quiet.

The crazyness continued on Thursday. Another friend had a birthday so we went to Cheddar's for a drink. The birthday girl went home and we decided to meet up in Chrome. Me and my friend went to my place and drank some of my Moonshine.

Chrome is the nearest nightclud to campus and is where most people I know go. We have Poor Richards and Accustic Coffeehouse too, but they are more "sitting down and drink beer"- kind of places. Chrome is the nightclub where you go dancing. Even though it's the same playlist everytime and people are sometimes going maybe a little too far on the dancefloor, it's an okay place and I usually have fun going there. 

I shouldn't actually write about moonshine online, due to the fact that it's not legal, but there are worse things going on on this campus, so to speak.

And moonshine hits hard, very hard.

We have that at home and we drink it at every occasion. I don't. Because I know what it does to me. So I stay away from it. Not this time. And I knew what was going to happen to me the next day.

I had the worst headace I ever felt. Like a someone playing pool in my head.

I stayed in bed a few hours more than I was supposed to and I was late. Late for the cabin trip. The birthday girl from the night before had her official birthday party at a cabin over the weekend. At the beginning I just felt bad and we played scrabble without counting points (makes sense, sure...) But the evening progressed with a really fun beer game and lots of lots of talking.

The next day was hiking.

I really enjoyed hiking. We were more or less hungover but we walked to the Laurel falls (Smokey Mountain) which was really nice. I was of course terrifired of falling all the time as we went up and down the mountain and of course I did fall on the way back.

On plain surface.
I tripped over myself.
Of course.

After coming back to my dorm, muddy, smelly and exhausted I didn't have much time to recover before I headed out again. This time to the Mardi Gras Birthday party. It was more a birthday party than a Mardi Gras party and I really enjoyed it. I finally got to meet the Swedish guys that are here and we spent a long time just making fun och Sweden and America. After the party, we went to Chrome (second time that week).

Sunday was just for rest, as far as I know. And then the week just progressed and here I am again. It's Thursday and my weekend has started.

Posted by: Bri

So last week I tried hiking to Laurel Falls since I've never been. We didn't make it because it got dark and rainy, but right after we started when the ground was flat, I was walking right along, kicked a rock, and fell flat on my face (well, kind of to the side, but its the expression that counts). I had a gorgeous bruise on my hip. So I know how that goes.

2009-02-27 @ 19:17:54
Posted by: Mimmi

haha, yeah :) I was the last one in the group so noone actually saw it but still, I felt kind of stupid after being so afraid all the time. :D

2009-02-27 @ 22:51:40

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