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I want to write about the reasons why I want to become a journalist in my first entry for the learner's journal in my independent studies. I'm aware of that journalism is not a job that is seen upon as particulary honorable or useful for that matter. Actually, most people I meet think that it is a horrible profession that everyone could do without. This is not a defend for the profession or why I want it. I just want to share my experiences and thoughts that led me to the conclusion that this is the right thing for me to do.

I've been wanting to be a journalist ever since fourth grade. Everyone I tell this to is always impressed by how I could know so early what I want to do and still stick to it. The thing is that when I was in fourth grade the big show to watch was Louis & Clark and as we both know they work as journalists and I thought it looked so cool and I wanted to be just like them.

But, when I did my first article for my local newspaper when I was 18 and I got to borrow someones computer I just fell in love with the profession. I just loved being in the editorial room with all the people running around and with the news on the radio and the blank screen in front of me.

I covered a local music festival  (actually the only completely Swedish hardrock musicfestival there was) and I wrote the article and took pictures. I was proud of myself even though most people saw through my lack of knowledge when it comes to hardrock. But I was writing for the local paper and not the Rolling Stones so I didn't take much notice of peoples critique.

When I was 21 I did my internship at a PR firm and I loved having the newspaper coming to the office everyday and there was magazines everywhere. I spent all my mornings reading everything I could get my hands on. There was a political scandal going on when I was there and I just felt that if I had been in an editorial room everything would have changed due to the scandal. I just knew that I have to be a journalist, there is no other way.

When I first came to ETSU and I had to write down the reasons to why I want to become a journalist I talked about the Swedish press and political develompent in Sweden. The press is what is stuck between those with the power and those without and its job is to make this gap smaller and both sides more understandable to eachother. These are reason why it is important for anyone to be a journalist and why the existence of the press is important in general. My personal reasons are those mentioned above.

In conclusion, I want to be a journalist because I want my job to be affected by what is going on in the world.


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