Nameless Tennessee

We are reading profile articles and discussing them in class. The discussion has already taken place but I'm doing my learner's journal about them now anyway.

First out is Nameless Tennesse (William Least Heat Moon), which is a profile of a place in Tennesee. The name of the place is Nameless and the author found that interesting. The article is an extract from a book, Blue Highways, the author made as his life fell apart.

We discussed the thing I liked about it in class, the way he keeps the qoutes exactly as they are said. You know you are somewhere in nowhere with the dialect they people in the story have and it is what gives the story personality. When it comes to writing, I like repetition because it makes the reader read something twice. By doing that you force the reader to first read it and then see it again which makes most people hesitiate and think about it, it is a way of forcing the reader to remember what he/she just red. My favourite thing in this story is;

[“Thurmond, tell him we had a doctor on the ridge in them days.”
 “We had a doctor on the ridge in them days. As good as any doctor alivin’.]

This is probably exactly how the conversation went and even though you as a reader understand that they had a doctor already when it is mentioned the first time, the repetition of it makes you feel like you are actually a part of the conversation taking place and not just reading about it afterwards. I remember it becuase it is repetition but this is also how people talk. People often repeat what someone just said in a conversation.

Other than that I don't find this story actually containing anything. It is more a transcript of people talking and some description of the surrondings. I guess that it makes sense in a book but as an extract like this I just feel that it lacks something. I want to know more bout the place, the history and what is happening to it. I want to know more about the surrondings, what were the sounds and the smells and what did the author think as he was going down to the cellar? I'm missing pieces and bits of the authors experience.

It just starts and ends without anything actually said.


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