Scavenger hunt

Those of us that had Magazine Editing and Production last semester had already done the "fill in the blanks" assigment so we got the opportunity to do a scavenger hunt instead.

I spent the whole day, yesterday, with the assigment and I am still not done. I looked through all the websites that was posted as helping examples but the did not really provide me with anything useful. I did however learn one thing. To work in the magazine business is apparently about a whole lot more than actually writing, there seem to be a lot more socializing to do than actual writing. I would say that half of the websites provided was membersites for people who want to work in the business.

I am not that fond of most websites in general because I think that those who make websites put to much information in there, organize it badly and have a way to tiny font to show of the mess.

The scaventer hunt kind of ended in chatastrophy from my side because I barely could find anything and what I found was too much information to sort through. I just imagen that this assigment is not supposed to last forever.


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