Seventh time is the charm

Even though or because of I am taking antibiotics I don't feel sick at all anymore. I am still worthless of being in time though. I don't know why, but I am always late, always, always always. This was of course the case this morning when I did not get out of bed to go to class until it was basically to late. I shut the door behind me and relized my keys and my phone was still in there and ran to class, I was five minutes late.

This is maybe the seventh time I locked myself out (while living in Lucille clement). I can't really remember anymore. The first time it happened I turned to my RA and paid a dollar for her letting me in. The second time I didn't even relized it until I saw that my roomie had written "the door is unlocked" on our door. At first I believed she was crazy who wrote that on our door, then she told me it was in Swedish. It was perfectly translated, I didn't even think about that it was in Swedish and not in English. The time after that, she just left the door unlocked, she figured I'll try and open it. One time I locked myself out when I went out to help someone else find his keys. Another time I called my roomie, she was not far from home. Yesterday, both my roomie and my keys was still in the room so I just knocked seconds after I closed the door.

It is a good thing I have a room mate.


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