Singles awareness day!

Happy Valentine, or Singles awareness dag as my room mate calls it.

I was at this party last night at Campus Rigde, also called Criminal Ridge. It is outside of the campus area so we are allowed to drink there. I always feel like I'm doing something illegal when I'm drinking here, like I am not supposed to. But seriously, I am 25 years old, I've been legally drinking for seven years. In other words, I've been drinking for ten years so why would I feel guilty for having a beer or drink myself shitfaced for that matter? But I do, I do feel a little guilty going home drunk when ETSU is a dry campus and I am not supposed to be drunk on that property.

I believe the party got busted by the police. I don't really know, everybody was hushing and a few asholes wouldn't shut up so people got annoyed. After ten minutes of hushing, people started to leave and we decied to go to another party. It was maybe ten people or so on that party so we decided to go home instead.

I had fun on the first party. We were drinking the left overs from my birthday party and that was enough to get five people fairly tipsy. I was drunk. People always tell me when I'm drunk because I apparently change a lot, one person even told me she prefer the drunk me. I talk slower and louder the more drunk I get. I do, however, believe that this is the case for most people as the alcohol fills up in ther veines.

That was the report for yesterday. We're planning to go to Miami for spring break so hopefully I will have a little more to tell you about after I've been there.


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