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I was thinking about Obama and all the money he's giving away.

I read about it on a Swedish newspaper website to get a grip of all the millions and what exactly it is that he is doing. As for now it seems that he is creating the ball, bit it is not in roll quite yet.

He is trying to cover healthcare, education and energy and get them all on their feet. The Swedish article compared his plan to Franklin D Roosevelts New Deal and Lyndon B Johnsons Great Society. The article ends with saying that if Obama suceed it is going to go to history but the risk is that he is just giving people hope without being able to present results. The Swedish article is very modest and doesn't say whether she (article writer) beliefs that he will succed or not.

Personally, I don't know either. It can go both ways.

The important thing is that the sourche of the money is a save thing and that he's not just giving out money to save everyone and everything without getting something to build on.

I read in the Johnson City Press that the Governour of Tennessee is still not sure whether to accept the state's share of the stimulus plan. He is not sure because the plan apparently comes with conditions.

Obama is further cutting down on benefits that people who already has money has. He is lowering the tax cuts for charitable contributions from 40 cents to the dollar to 28 cents to the dollar.

I don't like the idea that people who has money get rewarded when they give their money away. To give money away when you already have them should be a reward in itself. You shouldn't be getting more money for doing that.

There are some big things going on and Obama seem to tackle one problem after another systematicly.


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