Johnson City Press

Actually, that newspaper is not the best ones in the market... so to speak.

I am not a big fan of jumped articles and it is phenonomen I haven't bumped into before. I think that the newspapers in Sweden have one story on the front page and the rest of them in the paper. In Johnson city press, all of the stories are on the front page, but cut, and then you have to look inside the paper for the rest of the stories. So, basically, when you're finished with the front page, you read the whole paper already. Maybe the morning papers are like that in Sweden too, I read the evening ones so I don't really know (I know, but I like the pictures and I don't care that they are not seen upon as serious and important as the morning ones).

Two crazy things was in the paper today. One about that it is legal in TN (Tennessee) to have an open container of alcohol in the car and the other one about a bill of making it legal to carry guns in parks.


Even though it is legal in TN it is indicated that it is illegal in most other states. But I don't get it. And I don't really know if it's legal or not in Sweden but I've been partying in cars and I never heard about it being illegal to have open bottles of alcohol in the car. It is however illegal for the driver to drink, during as well as before sitting behind the weels. Maybe it is only illegal to drink in the car, while driving, but not before driving. I don't know, but the drink and driving moral here is not as high as in Sweden, as far as I can tell.... (sorry)

There was one article about a bill to make it legal to carry guns in parks, butt hey are discussing it, due to the fact that it might be interpret as it is legal to carry guns in small parks where children play. I can't see how it would be saver to allow people to carry guns. Anywhere. For me, the right to carry a gun is the exact opposite of feeling save. I guees that I don't see it as, I have the right to carry a gun, but as, everyone else could carry a gun, which is not that save in all situations.


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