Six days ago since last entry. Don't really know what I've been doing since then. I guess there was a party (birthday, of course...) some margeritas and "Kill Bill". Other than that my mind is set on the big trip for tomorrow. We're going to Miami for spring break and I don't really know what to expect, I have nothing planned to do there and I don't really know if there's anything to do other than being at the beach anyway.

I see a lot of movies. That is basically what I do. I wish I did go to the CPA (exercising facility) more often but I am just too lazy for everything. I barely have classes, which makes me barely wanna go to the ones I have. My days is filled with news, homework and few classes and then a movie at the end of it. I like it but it numbens me sometimes. I guess the warmth in Miami will wake me up.

I haven't started packing yet.


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