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In todays Johnson City press I found this picture. I guess it is a response to the same news I was commenting on. I don't really understand wheter the artist think's the protestors are redicilous or if he agrees with them.

Oh, no.. please, anything but socialism... we're all doomed!

Americans are fed up with taxes.

Or, maybe it is just the people of Kingsport, Tennessee.

Atleast according to Johnson City press; that reports about a protest in Kingsport, Tennesse against raised taxes and somehow it has something to do with the "Boston tea party".

This is not really what caught my attention. I like to read about when people are protesting, even though I do not always agree I think it is a good sign of a healthy society when it's citizens protest against what they feel is wrong in it. Considering the economical position U.S is in and the very historical change in office that just happened it is good to hear that American people are taking a stand for what they believe in. Wether taxes are a good thing or not is of course depending on what they pay for but it is also not of my concern what kind of attitude Americans have against taxes and so forth. I just like to know about the differences.

I have, actually, spot some main differences in culture between Sweden and U.S since I got here. Some are bad, some are good and some are actually not differences. Religion is one topic, which I believe that I have already discussed. Politics another.

I soon discovered that "communism" is a swear word here. It is used in the same way I use fascist. To be a "commi" is something really bad and I find that funny. Maybe because I did a paper on the McCharty- era and found the whole witch hunt kind of rediciolus and a little 1700 century over it or maybe I don't understand the danger with communism.

So, how is this related to Americans protesting against taxes.

I don't know.

But the protestors had signs that said "Stop socialism", so I guess they think it has something to do with eachother.
Sweden is a socialist country (as far as I know) and I find the fear of socialism somewhat wierd. I have come to the understanding that socialism works in Skandinavian countries because our populations are small. Which may be true. But I actually often ask myself if the individual freedom that one has in U.S really is worth it?

Johnson City Press

Actually, that newspaper is not the best ones in the market... so to speak.

I am not a big fan of jumped articles and it is phenonomen I haven't bumped into before. I think that the newspapers in Sweden have one story on the front page and the rest of them in the paper. In Johnson city press, all of the stories are on the front page, but cut, and then you have to look inside the paper for the rest of the stories. So, basically, when you're finished with the front page, you read the whole paper already. Maybe the morning papers are like that in Sweden too, I read the evening ones so I don't really know (I know, but I like the pictures and I don't care that they are not seen upon as serious and important as the morning ones).

Two crazy things was in the paper today. One about that it is legal in TN (Tennessee) to have an open container of alcohol in the car and the other one about a bill of making it legal to carry guns in parks.


Even though it is legal in TN it is indicated that it is illegal in most other states. But I don't get it. And I don't really know if it's legal or not in Sweden but I've been partying in cars and I never heard about it being illegal to have open bottles of alcohol in the car. It is however illegal for the driver to drink, during as well as before sitting behind the weels. Maybe it is only illegal to drink in the car, while driving, but not before driving. I don't know, but the drink and driving moral here is not as high as in Sweden, as far as I can tell.... (sorry)

There was one article about a bill to make it legal to carry guns in parks, butt hey are discussing it, due to the fact that it might be interpret as it is legal to carry guns in small parks where children play. I can't see how it would be saver to allow people to carry guns. Anywhere. For me, the right to carry a gun is the exact opposite of feeling save. I guees that I don't see it as, I have the right to carry a gun, but as, everyone else could carry a gun, which is not that save in all situations.

The story continues

I was thinking about Obama and all the money he's giving away.

I read about it on a Swedish newspaper website to get a grip of all the millions and what exactly it is that he is doing. As for now it seems that he is creating the ball, bit it is not in roll quite yet.

He is trying to cover healthcare, education and energy and get them all on their feet. The Swedish article compared his plan to Franklin D Roosevelts New Deal and Lyndon B Johnsons Great Society. The article ends with saying that if Obama suceed it is going to go to history but the risk is that he is just giving people hope without being able to present results. The Swedish article is very modest and doesn't say whether she (article writer) beliefs that he will succed or not.

Personally, I don't know either. It can go both ways.

The important thing is that the sourche of the money is a save thing and that he's not just giving out money to save everyone and everything without getting something to build on.

I read in the Johnson City Press that the Governour of Tennessee is still not sure whether to accept the state's share of the stimulus plan. He is not sure because the plan apparently comes with conditions.

Obama is further cutting down on benefits that people who already has money has. He is lowering the tax cuts for charitable contributions from 40 cents to the dollar to 28 cents to the dollar.

I don't like the idea that people who has money get rewarded when they give their money away. To give money away when you already have them should be a reward in itself. You shouldn't be getting more money for doing that.

There are some big things going on and Obama seem to tackle one problem after another systematicly.

Obama and the Billions - a Love Story (?)

This might be old news for most people but I'm still trying to figure out the most effective way to get my news on a daily basis so the actual news reflection takes a bit longer than it should.


Obama announced yesterday that he will spend $75 billion to help prevent 9 million houseowners from loosing their homes. This will also help to stabilize the housing market and in the long run help the U.S recession from getting worse.

So far so good. Even though the Johnson City Press doesn't seem to like this very much, due to the fact that their headline was "President throws $75 billion lifeline to homeowners" (my underlining).

But we also have the federal stimulus package (this is the actual legislation)

On Washington Watch website I read;
"American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 - Calls for the enactment of legislation to create jobs, restore economic growth, and strengthen America's middle class through measures that: (1) modernize the nation's infrastructure; (2) enhance America's energy independence; (3) expand educational opportunities; (4) preserve and improve affordable health care; (5) provide tax relief; and (6) protect those in greatest need."

The $787 billion is supposed to be distrubited amongst the different states and projects in special need. But I don't know if the "houseowner" money is a part of that or if it is something extra on top of this.

I read in the Johnson City Press that Tennessee may use some of the money they will recive to "reduce the the number of state workers facing layoffs". I also read that the states of Texas, Mississippi, Lousiana, Alaska, South Carolina and Idaho might not accept the money from the stimulus package. They are not even sure if they believe that the package is going to help the economy at all.

This is as far as I know the most important thing right about now. Everyone is affected by the American economy and what is going on is important to know. I hope that the package will have a positive outcome but I guess that is yet to come.

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