Today: Rain

Maybe should be writing in English, somewhere I got the idea that other than swedish are looking at this site from time to time. It happens that I'm using a computer in this country and as you certainly know, the keyboard doesn't look like at home, so now I'm currently using swedish and american keyboards as well as a mac keyboard, everything is different. Except from the weather... clouds and rain and I don't think that mr. sun has shown itself for three days, it's getting frustrating and I don't want to buy an umbrella, can't handle those things I always get myself wetter with them rather than dryer. 

I like my classes, I really do. I've heard about everything before but it is still different from what I'm used to and often more organized than at home. Even though I at this point would say no to an airplane ticket I can't wait to get home to show and tell. I really would like to do some scrapbooking :)

In this instance I'm having class, Writing Print Media II, so maybe I should pay some attention :)


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