Cherry Coke

I've heard about it, I rekognize the flavour but I can't say that i ever seen it before.. Good though.. (which is not a good thing on second hand)

Because of my 5:30 pm to 8:20 pm class on Wednsdays I can't have dinner and that has led me to buy granola bars (not that heathy but anyway) and bread and youghurth and stuff so that I have something to eat. But I think that I would not probably die with eating "just" two times a day... but I et nervous anyway for not eating so I eat a little three times instead and because it is not the most healthy choises I think that I'm actually eating more those days I think I eat less.

But as soon as I get my act together I will be frequently seen in the swiming pool

But now...

Shower and movie :)


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