Let's go to the mall

I think Al is my hero today. The plan was to ride bikes to the mall, a distance of 3 km maybe. I don't know and I wasn't so excited about it in the beginning. We got our bikes and I relized that my shoice of bag was not the most bright one. But Al put my bag in his backpack. A favor mostly uppricated. When we were going back I of course had the same problem but with a shoppingbag aswell. Al did the same favor once again and after a few meters of biking he took my shoppongbag too. But when we were almost back the shoppongbag started to tear up and I thought that it is really unfair that Al goes to so much trouble when it's not even his things so I took my shoppingbag and started to lead my bike. But then Al took my bike for me. Al is defenitly my hero of today.

By the way, I lost the key to the bike at the mall, luckely someone had turned it in to the lost and found. It was panic for a while but it's good to know that you can trust people. I always have luck with those things :)

Tonight were going to go to a ghosthouse.. it's gonna be awseume..


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