When I'm sad, I stop being sad and start being awseume instead

What kind of job have you applied for?
I´ve applied for a job in Oslo at the firm face2face. As for now, I had an interview and I sent in my references. I´m gonna get an answer on Thursday if they are further interested in me. You probably all understand that this blog is gonna close down after June 17. I have plans on starting another blog and continue with my first blog so I´m not disapearing but the Spanish blog are not gonna be relevant anymore (cus I´m not gonna be in Spain). But I do hope that I get to restart this blog sometime in the future!

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Mmmm, beeeeeeer

The interview
I have no idea if it went good or not and in the end she asked me for references, which didn´t not strike me to add in the application letter. so basically i started to search the internet after phonenumbers and names I´ve forgot ages ago. I didn´t found what I was looking for so I decided to call instead and ask directly rather than chicken out and send an email. My boss from my internship from 2005 remembered me and she actually said "of course I remember you, we were really satisified". Which means that it wasnt a big deal that I hadn´t send christmas cards and trying to suck ass after my internship was over (those things are important in my business) and still she remembered me, i´m a bit proud. My second reference is the radio where I worked for a couple of weeks when i fisrt got here. Well, it was free work, like work for trying to pay my own salary, it´s complicated but she said yes to. Now, I only need my former boss approval and I can send in my references (he didn´t answer his phone and I´ve sent him an email). Hopefully I´m not gonna be to late, she´s gonna call me on Thursday again.
I´m nervous, I would really like this job.

Talking Spanish
I´ve been trying a lot lately to start talking. I sound horrible but now I am trying. It is still wierd with Mr. M but it goes better with other people. I even manage to find a Spanish girl who wants to practice Swedish. Awseume!

I´m going to bed, tomorrow is running day.

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True story

There's a lot of benefits with being in a class with people from different countries. One of them is the food exchange we had on Friday and another one is when one of my classmates wants to share a tradition they have in their country. This happened in the begining of March and I was planning to blog about it then but a lot of stuff came in between. Anyway, a woman from Bulgaria gave us each a brachelet made of yarn and told us to keep it on out wrists until March 22 when we should hang it up in a tree and make a wish. I did hang it up in a tree but not on March 22. Next year, I'm gonna get it right. I don't know why they do this but I like it and she told us that in Bulgaria you can see a lot of these bracelets hanging from trees on the 22 of March.
I took some pictures

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Who tragically died from complications due to union organizing

It´s so typical me to finally find a type of excersie that I like just to have my body say a big no about it. I really enjoy jogging, it gives me a chance to just escape in myself and disapear from the world while I work on my condition (catching my breath, it is not that cool to runt 10 meters to the bus and not be able to catch my breath almost until the bus arrives to its destination) and getting fresh air and sunshine (I tend to get stuck in front of the computer, it´s a good thing to get out). But, and this is a big but, my spinalcord do not approve. I turn into a crypling that can barely walk and it hurts like freaking hell. I have some excersises to do to easy the pain and somewhat prevent it but when I run on hard asfalt, there´s nothing I can do to prevent it.
The thing is that I can run in the forest but i can barely walk in the forest without tripping and falling everywhere so jogging is not an alternative and here, there´s no forest anyway. I guess I´m just gonna live with the pain afterwards, for now, if it gets worse, I guess I have to find something else to do,

Sun, sunnier, sunnest
Suddenly it´s 25C and the beaches is full of people and the town is full of tourists. I went to the beach yesterday but i sadly forgot the sunblock, which has resulted in a very red back. It doesn´t hurt as much as expected but next time, I´m defintily bringing the sunblock.

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Did you pour maple syrup all over your body and asked if she was in the mood for a short stack?

Malaga Film Festival
The festival goes on from 17 to 24 of April and is now over. I never went to see any movie but my participation was not crucial for the survival of the festival anyway (I grew upin  a small town, if you're not there, it will never happen again). The festival brought a lot of famous people and their fans and in the middle of it, the sun popped out and then, the tourists came too. The movie theater where they shoed all movies is right behind where I live so I went ot take som photos. The red carpet is out and the movie theater is really pretty (it is next to the roman remains, which I assume is a tourist attraction).

Movie posters
During the festival some paitners where painting big paintings right next to the cinema that they later hanged up around the ariea. The paintings (I assume) are scenes from movies that they showed.

Celebrities in town
There's was always fans outside of the hotel (probably the most expensive in town), sometimes more and sometimes less, but they were always there, waiting for their fans. I tried to take a picture and I don't know if you can see any people, this was a day with less fans, but imagen that the cars, red carpet and the few people standing there and not usually there.

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Please reserve that buch spitit for the lanes!

Tha beach
Okey, it's 25C and I'm going to the beach.

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If wishes were horses, I would be eating wish meat every night

Cinamon rolls
It's a common bun and it is probably eaten all over the world (link to wikipedia) but I decided to make those anyway because they are for me, typical Swedish (fika, anyone?) and they are easy (and as it turned out, cheap) to do. But instead of making huge ones, I made tiny ones. I assumed it would be a lot of food and the idea is to try and taste, so I made like bites for tasting rather that a giant bun to fill you up. Maybe I should unwind a litte bit.
At my language school, they have this event every semester where the participants bring food, pastries or anything eatable from their couintry so that we all can take a part of all the culture that is flowing through out this Spanish language school. This is soley for the people studying Spanish so there's no spanish food or spanish people there (exept for the teachers). I brought tiny cinamon buns.

A fiest indeed
There was over sixty enries at the table today and I've eaten so much that I wish that I will not eat anymore today. Plus I stole some ot take home with me. I think people liked my buns but most of them probably recognized them. There was a lot of Marrocan food (me like) and Italian, English, American, German, Bulgarian, Chinese and so on. I tried palm tree beer (I think, it was white and bubbly) and it was interesting. I treid a lot of other stuff to and it was delicious. Afterwards, we all got prices. (Klick on the pictures to see them bigger). I really like food from other countries, not that I don't like Swedish food, it is just fun when you can vary. I love Mexican food and sushi but I can't really decide what is my favorite. If someone asks me what my favorite dish is, I say food :)
Do you like food from other countires? Which one?

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Btw, I got an interview for a job in Norway on Monday :) wish me luck!

I'm sorry, that was just my pre-evil

Answer to question

How do you get around in Malaga?
The bus is defenitly the best way to go. Just take bus 19 from the airport and you'll end up at Alameda principal or Paseo de parque. These two streets are the two main bus streets where all the buses goes from. Every bus stop has a map that shows where the bus goes.
A single ticket costs 1:10€
A ride as much as you want during one month card costs: 34€
Then you also have a card that you can refill and the monthly card is cheaper for students.
The place where you buy your card is located on Alameda principal, it is across the street from calle Larios (which is the shopping street) and just follow Alameda principal and you'll find it.
To get around the center of Malaga, it is easiest to walk and there's a beach walk that is really nice to.

I hope that answers your question :) and if it doesn't, just ask me again!

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Btw, All my answers to questions can be found under the category Q&A

He's at a sensitive point in his monthly cykel

The red carpet is out
There's always something going on in Malaga, not a boring moment. Semana Santa is barely over when the red carpet is rolled out for the Spanish film festival. There's a lot of celebreties in town and even though it rained in the beginning of the week, there was quite a few people waiting outside hotels for celebrities to show up. I wouldn't know the difference between a celebrity and a, well, anyone because I don't really follow Spanish movies but it is cool with festivities. I don't know if there's gonna be more after the film festival during the summer but I do know that in September the Feria starts. If you're here during September, don't miss that! I'm gonna take some more pictures of the film festival to show you. For now, the red carpet on calle Larios.

Wash all day, Wash all night
I don't know why I am so interested in my roommates laundy habits. It doesn't really affect me at all and they keep it very clean and nice here so everything actually works out in my favor. But still, that washer machine has never been so busy as it is now. Maybe the one thing give the other thing but I am still amazed, how do they even gather enough clothes to wash, they seem like clean people.

Culture food exhange
Tomorrow at school there's an event where students bring a typical dish of some sort from their countries. In some sense it has to suck being chinese at this things, who doesn't know chinese food? I decided to make cinamon rolles (even though I am not really sure about the Swedishness of them), mostly just to bring something, I would feel a little stupid if I am the only one showing up empty handed and I've been wanting to bake for a long time.
I'll post pictures.

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If I was in your tummy, I'll poo in your throat

I´m still working on all those little things and it is going suprisingly well. I aslo managed to shorten my time for my 5 km run (even though my back hurt as fucking hell right no, I should not run on that kind of surface, like sidewalk, but there´s not really any other to find here) I reserved the hotel room for my parents earlier today and I hope that the planes are gonna be up and working by the time they are coming (1-6 of May).

Eh, Spanish
Wednsday is slow days. I´m still waiting for new episodes from The big bang theory and other than that, I study Spanish. Nothing more to it. It is in the middle of the week (working week, not that I work that hard but still) and nothing is happening.

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I've been trusted to pass judgement upon others

Ashes to ashes
I had some problems booking my flight ticket and I assumed that it had something to do with the fact that the airports are currently closed and noone is flying anywhere for the immidiate future (and for who know how long) but after three days of trying and several attepmts to pay with my credit card I thought to myself that I just have to call and ask them. I mean, I'm flying in June and if the airports are not open by then, they will probably never open again and I didn't have  problem with the actual booking but with the payment, it said that my creditcard was not authorized (and firhter down they suggested that I pay with a credicard cus it is so safe on their website, I guess it can't get any safer than... not working). Anyhow, I called the nice people at norwegian.se and the problem had nothing to do with iceland or the website or anything connecting to flying or the flying company at all. It was my credit card (I do have money on it, I assure you, that was not the problem), they changed something and I had to authorize my creditcards for online payments before I could do any. As easy as that, I just logged into my bank and authorizd the damn thing and it all worked as a charm. I'm really glad that I sat in the phone for half an hour waiting, because I would have never figured out this thing by myself

How tiny is mankind?
I remember last year, when the swine flu was the biggest threat and made it difficult for everyone who go by air. I was currently in Tennesse, so I was close to the centre of the cause and colleges around us were shutting down. People at my college really didn't want that to happen in the middle of exam and graduation periods but for us internaitonal student, it was crucial for our return back home that the college would close down. It was all actually hanging on a thin line and as I felt a cold when returning to Sweden I had to go to the doctor. Not that it is impossible to travel without the airplane but trips that you assumed would take four hours, are now taking three days (at best) and for a lot of people, this is a complete disaster. I'm not saying that it isn't, I'm just glad this event didn't happen last year. But the human race are sure tiny and fragile and some journalist even say that now we have to invent the wheel all over again. It's not that serious, the only thing that we actually lost is time, there's a lot more other stuff that could happen that would actually mean that we have to do things a whole lot different, like the oil drying up. That's a crisis.

Seriously, study! What is wrong with me?

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Frostbites took his nose, excellent

I decided that this is gonna be the day where I get a lot of small things done, you know, all of those things that is always on your mind and don't necessarly take so muhc time but you don't just do them, or stuff that you really want to do but you keep pushing it because of all those small things that you really need to get done before you can concentrate. This is my eternal evil cirkel and in the end, I just sit in front of my computer and watch episode after episode of some tv-show, when I actually want to make and awsume drawing or install the Sims 3 but don't because I need to buy an airplane ticket, send some email and do my declaration. As you can guess, my blog got into this evil cirkel and I just stopped writing. But I feel that I am on my way out of this and today is the day where all those small things are gonna be done and finished.

Later, if I manage to do those things, I'm gonna reward myself by buying half a kilo of strawberries for 0,75€. I'm just saying it is cheap and I love strawberries. Love them!

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D'oh, indeed

Answer to questions

Is it easy to get a job in Spain during the summer?
According to statistic the unemployment is 24% for women and 11% for men in Andalucia (which is the area of Spain that I am in) so getting a job is not really easy. But, if you want to get a summerjob at a bar or resturant, the chances are probably higher than getting a long term job. I tried in September to get a job in Fuengirola but it was the end of the season so I was without luck in the resturant and bar business. The only thing that I can honeslty say is that you can't know if you don't try and if there's a chance of trying and you really want to, go for it! If you're not to picky about the living conditions, I can help you get a place.

Are you gonna stay in Spain or are you gonna go back to Sweden?
I'm running out of money and my student loan debt needs to be payed, so I need to get a job with a good and steady income and with the Spanish I have today, there's no way I can get that in Spain right now. The plan is to go back to Sweden June 17 (but I can not boke a flight right now, so I don't really know) and get a job in either Sweden or Norway.

I hope it is okay that I translate the questions in to English? Just so that everyone can read it, in case someone else have the same ones. Continue with the questions! And thank you for the support!

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Escuela oficial de idiomas

Price for course: 67€
Price for books: 34€
First exam and intervews: First week of February
Final exam: Last week of May
Duration: Two hours of class Monday to Friday (9-11 or 11-13)
Bus: No. 2 (single busticket 1:10€, monthly buscard 34:30€)

Escuela oficial the idiomas (link to EOI Malaga)
I study Spanish at the oficial language school of Spain. It's a language school from the Spanish government and Spain is the only country in the European union that has this kind of school (link to wikipedia). It is a lot cheaper than a "normal" language school but as far as I know, it is not eligble for csn (Swedish board for lending money to students) The school is primary for teaching other languages to Spanish people but they have Spanish for foreigners, which is the class that I am in (link to Departamento de Español).

Other students
The people who are in my class are not "typical language school students" (I assume) but people who actually live in Spain and wants to have, or already have a life here. There are people from Marocco, Finland, Nigeria, France, China, USA, England and more and the age span from young (maybe 16) to old (maybe 60).

How it goes
The first exam and interviews start in February. The exam and interview are done during twoi days, if you're not fast enough with the exam, you just have to come back the next day for the interview. They are for determine what level you are in, there are five levels (I am in the second one). After you've done the exam and the interview you have ot pay the tution fee, which you do at a bank office, and then you put the reciept from the bank, two pictures of yourself and a photocopy of your passport in an envelope and leave at the school (all of this are explained to you during the interview. During the interview, you also get to choose (depending on what level you are) if you want to attend the 9 to 11 class or 11 to 13 class. There's two books that you can buy at the bookstore located next to the busstop on Alameda principal where the bus to and from the language school goes (link to google maps).

The pilgrims was not ilegal immigrants

I'm having trouble starting up with my routins again after Dublin adn the easter break. I really need routin and I'm trying hard to get back on track but it is harder than it seems. Specially when I don't really have anything to go after. Sure, I have my two hours of Spanish class but after a recent development, I find myself not wanting to got there anymore. I'm not complaining, even though it may seems so, I just feel bad for not updating my blog and try to find valid excuses for it, which there is none. And with the sun shining and the degrees getting higher and higher everyday I really want to go to the beach.

But right now, I am actually deep in my Spanish books!

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I don't care for it either, but it is the social convention

Escuela oficial de idiomas
O woke up at six something (??) because they were doing some very loud construction (I'm guessing) work or someone just felt like sawing through metal for an hour. It was extremely painfull and I tried to shut my balcony doors but without sucess because I was really dizzy, I almost fell when I went out of bed in pure anger. When the alarm sounded an hour and a half later, I just couldn't manage to get up, I was still dizzy for some reason. I guess it all comes from that I haven't ogt any sleep in the last two days, this night was my night to catch up (I did not have a nap yesterday) but due to other circumstanses, that did not work. So I skipped class today. Hopfully, it is gonna result in a lot of independent Spanish studying.

Me and Mr. M went to the movie a couple of days ago and we saw Clash of the Titans. I liked the move (Mr. M didn't) exept from one thing. SPOILERALERT! They show the final scene on the poster. Reallly?! It doesn't take a genius to see that it is not the very last scen but the final scen of the problem of the movie, so to say, and they put that on the poster? Someone did not do a good job.

As I said, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish :)

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Suit up!

Fight for clean clothes
It's interesting how the fewer the people the more the wshing machine in my apartment is being used. Now we are three people in an apartment for seven. There's one washing machine and one of those indoor things to hang your clothes on. There are string outside but I don't have those things to keep your clothes on the strings so I prefer to hang them indoors. The interesting thing that I have noticed is that it is actually harder to wash now, when we are three and before, when we were seven. And another interesting thing. When I lived in Karlstad, we had two washing machines on 24 people and there were never any problem at all doing oyur laundry. How come that it gets harder to wash the fewer people?

Even thought I am starting to get annoyed with those small things that everyone has. The habit of "what I do is the right way of doing it and if everyone did so there would be no problems living togehter" which is never true. The simple explanation of that is that a person living by oneself would never have dirty dishes, dirty clothes of any mess of any kind. When living togheter it doesn't come down to do it the right or the wrong way, it has to be done the agreed way and then it can be done in any way. It's the small things, like when to do your dishes, sure the right way is to do them right away but even the most perfect person have had to leave them at one point, so then what? Then it is better to agree about how long before it's not tolerable anymore and where and how to keep them. Some fill eveything with water, others thinks that is disgusting and those are the things to talk about. Not only yell when someone is not doing it the way you learned from at home.
After being a roommate for eight years soon, I am of the opinion that everyone should be forced to live with other people at one point in you life.

Choosing friends
When you get out of high school people are hapy because that is the last time you've been forced together with people of not your choice. My first thought is that this is good too, but the more I think about it, the more I feel that this is not positive at all. All of my best friends do not share my opinions, interest of dreamjob, we have stuff in common but atleast I tend to like peope who are not like me. And the only way for me to find these people is to be forced togehter with them. I guess that's way I like the whole living together with strangers thing, you never know who you might stumble upon.

Escuela oficial
Todays entry became a little philosofical but the laundry thing kind of annoys me. There's stuff at school that annoys me to but let's save that for another day. I don't want you to stop reading in the middle of the entry thinking "does she never stop"

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