Walking to your office is what I like to do, maybe while we're at it, we'll peeking at your pube

Moving day
Kind of.. I don't really know when I'm gonna move into the new room. I would like to call my landlord and ask her if they are gonna repaint it, cus if so, I can't move in today. But, the language barrier is kind of big. I did, however, start packing my stuff. Even though it is like 10 meters, I thoguth it would be easier to pack the suitcases and move a lot of stuff at the same time, and I get to see how much crap I have here. Which is a lot. There's no way I'm gonna be able to take all of this home with me. I knew that beforehand but now it is reality. It's a good thing that I'm not gonna do any more shopping here.
THe worst thing about moving is that I neer to clean a whole new room. I am not a big fan of cleaning, especially not places where it is hard to reach.
That is all that is going on today folk's.

Maybe I post an interesting story about a virgin (and they apparently have a lot of them here)

Qoute - The parson, Simpsons

Oh, you're my little humanqilous (perfectly formed miniature human being)

Promised pictures

I know they are not of the best quality, I thought I knew what I was doing when I took the pictures but apperently not. I'll work on that, I promise.

Qoute - Penny, TBBT

You were born when they were married, so legaly no, but in a sense when someone call you that when they are angry, yes

I did good, I did good
Someone told me to have a walk. And, actually I had it. I went out to take some pictures and shop for lunch or dinner, or whatever. Basically I'm just wiritng to tell you that I'm gonna publish pictures later.

But first, I'm gonna eat (I stopped by Burger King) lunch, dinner, breakfast (hence, the first meal of the day), brunch or whatever... food!

As I said, pictures :)

Qoute - Lisa, Simpsons

Where are you going fatty, we're gonna have a party

God morning everybody!
I should take a walk, the sky is blue and +16C outside but I really don't have any motivation

Everything is more or less deep fried here, I mean, they don't even consider it deep fried, it's just fried. But instead of potatoes it's on the meat department. Like croquetas, eggs and sauseges. Everything that has the yellow deep fry cover, has to be deep fried and is eaten with an egg (deep fried of course, but without the cover). Rice, pasta and potatoes is something that is not so common here. Not according to my experience atleast, you basically focus on the good part of the meal. If you have rice, pasta orpotatoes, they are like a meal in itself and the you have meat to it. There's no such thing as the "plate model" (maybe that thing is only in Scandinavia anyway) where sallad and potatoes, rice or pasta is the big part of the meal and then you have some kind of meat and sauce to that. If you have sallad, that is the only thing you have, not on the side to the food, that's crazy...
It sounds like I'm complaining but I really like the food here and it's only the cheap side of me that struggle with the whole balance between potatoes and meat. But I don't dare to try and make lasagne becasue I really like lasagne with a sallad on the side, and if there would be a sallad, it would be a whole meal sallad (on the side) with chicken or tuna or something. It easily gets a little wierd when two different ways of eating are mixted.
I really enjoy the snack food they have. Like before you eat, you have olives and shrimps and jámon serrano (right spelling on that one?) and other stuff. I'm a big fan of snack eating and there's no way you can do that in Sweden, that is called "spoiling your apetite" and are sentenced with death.
But I do miss boiled potatoes sometimes.

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Are you looking at my boobs, dummy?

I'm sitting here in my pink suit from IKEA (looking stylish) and feeling like I've been hit by a truck. I don't feel any good at all and all the Spanish work I've been prosponing does not feel good at all.

The kissing thing goes with girls, girl - girl and boy - girl. Boys have somekind of arm clap going on, same as everywhere. If the buys are close, there can be a hug but not more than that. In the families, I guess it varies, like with all families. I am not sure about the official greeting, like with job interviews, I have to ask Mr. M about that.

I made home made french fries the other day and thought you wanted to see it (I have a thing for food pictures, I know, it has been established a long time ago)

the frying in the pan


Qoute - Joy, My name is Earl

Btw, I do want to stress that I LOVE comments

She was an angel... and I turned her into me

I´m sick again...
The only sickness I am sensetive to is the cold. Nothing else gets to me exept from that virus and when I am cold, I am extra sensetive to it. As you know, the weather has been quite cold here, atleast inside... so I´ve been walking around cold as a stiff and greeting people. And the greetings here is not really non transferring freiendly. One kiss on each cheak (if you´re a girl) with everyone you meet, basically all the time. Not with people you meet every day but if it has been a day, you have to kiss. And it doesn´t matter if it is two or twenty people, you just have to do it. Needless to say, the hello and the goodbye can take an eternity. It doesn´t either matter if you´re sitting down at a table, in the corner and no way of getting out. The kisses finds its way, always.
In the beginning, I always found this really akward, I don´t see the point of going to so much trouble just to say hello to someone but I am used to opsessive hugging from my family so as soon as I got used to the whole kissing thing, its kind of nice. I mean, you get to talk to the people immidiately and the akwardness happens instantely and you don´t have to wait it out.

Qoute - Charlie, Two and a half men

Btw, you start the kissing from your left

Watch your back, half a corps coming through

This is my Spanish bull. It´s a keychain where I have the keys to my apartment. I got the bull from Mr. M because he wanted somthing to fight of all the other Spanish guys who would hit on me (which have not occured) but mainly because it is a symbol of Spain(unofficial national symbol). The bull is actually a 14 meter high image of a bull that is spreaded out along the Spanish highways. The bulls name is Osborne and is actually a commercial for the Osborne sherry. I´ve seen one of these bulls here, in Fuengirola. It was during one of my many trips there for my last job. I was walking more or less from one side of the town to the other and when I approached the end of the town, the bull stands on top of a hill, looking over the Spanish landscape. Personally, I think it is a cool symbol, mostly cus it is an easy clean shape and what better to represent Spain than a bull. From the beginning, it had a text of the sherry company, but it had to be removed but by then, the bull itself was already a national symbol. Now you can find the bull on anything (for example my keychain) and the only thing that beats that kind of advertising has to be crayons (When your product becomes the name of the product you sell).
Read more about Osborne on Wikipedia

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Aaah, you told me not to worry about it, I should have been worried the whole time

I feel like I deserve today. Yesterday, a friend of Mr. M was in town so there was  party. It's not so much the alcohol that makes me feel bad, but the cigaretts. I use to smoke but for the last years I've been smoking off and on and mostly when I party. But, it seems that, because I'm not an everyday smoker, I get a really bad headace from just five or so cigaretts. I used to smoke a package at parties but now I feel sick just after three. I still smoke, however, I guess that is the last drop of the addiction I don't seem to overcome.
I remeber in the USA, it was more common amongst college students to smoke pot rather than cigaretts. I remember being asked if I wanted some once. But I thought that, if I haven't tried it yet, there's no use of trying. By 25 years of age, the excitement of trying different kinds of poison has kind of wore off.

Walking around for eternity
I had a previous entry about the disgusting toilets here. I don't know if I mentioned the way of going out. The ususal pre partying is like any other (but starts at midnight) but instead of going to one place, stand in line for half an hour and then pay 10€ just to get in, you go to different places. Most of the night is actually spent walking around and having one beer here, another shot there and do some dancing at a third place. I guess it's also referred as pub crawl, but you don't call it that here, it's just partying.

Those palabras are gonna make me insane
I did very little of my studies yesterday so I guess today is the day of the huge amount of study. Last night, there was french, arabic, english and spanish at the party. Mr. M's friends did their best speaking english to me and I just kept thinking that I don't know any spanish words (palabras). It's gonna be a long and hard process of learning spanish.

Maybe I'll post some not so very interesting pictures

Qoute - Peter, Family guy

You catch even more flies with manure, what's you point?

I've actually finished one of the many pages I need to do. It´s a really tidious work, looking up words all the time, and despite the fact that I've use a dictonary my whole life and usually looks up words and stuff, I feel that I am really slow and I never seem to learn the alphabet by heart and I always go from A-Z in my head. I feel really confused, I'm talking to myself in English and in Swedish to be able to understand Spanish. Some stuff is similar to English and other in Swedish so I go back and forth. I got the Nordstedts dictonary for christmas and I felt a little skeptic. I remeber that I discovered the Norstedts dictonatry for English containing a lot of faults and being more or less useless. But, there's a difference. In English, I'm good enough to use an English to English dictonary. I'm not quite there in Spanish, so, Norstedts works actually really good. I like the list of the verbs in the back and the reference number by word in the translation part. Over all, I recomend Norstedts for a language you don't really know. If you're fluent, get a dictonary in the same langague. Oh, and another thing, I write and highlight in my dictonary. At first it feels like a big no, no, I mean, these books are expensive. But the dictonary gets more helpful with your own notes, highlights and comments, I promise.

Nygren, H - Norstedts lilla spanska ordbok - 13028064
Picture from Norstedts

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I'm just saying, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar

Warmer weather?
For the last couple of days the extra blanket has been less and less needed, it seems like we're going towards warmer degress, yesterday it was 20+ and today 17+. I shouldn't say that it gets better, cus then it's gonna drop to 10+ and start raining again (I'm stressing the + cus I know that it is snow caos and minus degress in Sweden :))

I don't understand why I insist on being in school when I never ever study

Lost and found
Yesterday I had a goodbye dinner with one of my apartment mates. I'm starting to get use to the whole meeting new people for a period of time and then probably never gonna see them again. Unfortuanetly, it doesn't make it less sad. I tell myself that I am gonna see most of this people again and I truly hope and wish so. It is hard to have you friends spreaded across the world and across Sweden, it seem like none of them are in the same place. But, on the other hand, I always have places to visit.

In more or less two weeks, I'm going to Dublin. Still don't know what to do there.

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Hello, it's me, Lance romance

This week is the "semana blanca", white week, and is between something. I don't really know what but I do know that I have the week off. So there's no classes for me, which I like because it's no fun to go outside when it rains. But it is not really good for me because I don't do anything and I have a pile of paper with excersises I need to do. I hope I can pull myself together tomorrow cus today it is not gonna work. My focus is somewhere else

New birtday gift
As you know, the bunny turned out to be a disapointment and Mr. M changed it and bought me a new gift instead. I wish that the bunny would have worked but I am really excited about my new gift. I got an artist package with a artist manikin, color pencils, blending stomps, pencils and erasers and brushes. So what I want to do is to draw (and what I need to do is Spanish) today, what I want wins the fight.

Qoute - Homer, Simpsons

I got the best of intentions but at January third or fourth, there I am, broke, hungover and coughing up stripper glitter

The promised pictures of my current room
Picture taken from the door

Desktop area

Fridge area

Bed view

Btw, my computer is up and running again..

Qoute - Charlie, Two and a half men

That´s how the cookie crumbles

I´m waiting for the windows vista to download, the previous version did not work. So i´m waiting. Other than that, it is a sunny and very nice day today so me and Mr. M is gonna go to the castle. You can all expect pictures as soon as my computer is up and running again.

Qoute - A saying (also said by Bruce Almighty in the movie with the same name, but he is using the expression, not inventing it)

Interesting, sex works even better than chocolate to modify behaviour

I´m sorry...
I took some pictures of my current room to upload right about now. I had made it look kind of nice and thought that, why not, it can be fun to see what I´m leaving behind. Of course I´m gonna post pictures of my new room later.
But, as you can see, there´s no pictures. The reason for that is that I´m having a computer meltdown, it is not working and I seem to be unable to re- install the system. It´s a big mess but I hope I will have it sorted out before the weekend ends. Bare with me, I´ll be back with pictures and uppdates in no time

Qoute - Sheldon, TBBT

Ahhh, perfect pour. That however, was urin I just drank

The phonecall

So this is how the phone call went (in Spanish, of course)
My landlord - Hi Mimmi
Me - Ehhh.. hi, ehm, ah.... it´s Mimmi
My landlord - Hi xxxx xxxx xxx
Me - Ehm, ah, I have a question ... ah, ehm, can I change room with Anna, after she moves out, ehm...
My landlord - Of course, no problem xxx xxx xxx xxx xx xx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx x xxx x
Me - I´m sorry, ehm.... I don´t understand.. ehm..
My landlord - xx xx xx xx xx
Me - ehm, okey, ah, ehm, ...., ah... can I change room with Anna, is it okey?
My landlord - It is no problem, Mimmi
Me - Thank you
My landlord - Bye
Me - Thank you, bye

It was a complete disaster. Like that time Mr. M taught me how to say "can you please tell me when we approach the trainstation" and he forgot to tell me what the busdriver might answer me. Which he did and I looked like a big questioning mark and just started to repeat what I´ve learned. Or, that other time (the other day actually) when I had no idea what the lady in the register was talking about and I just looked at her, without saying anything.
Atleast I know that I can change room.

Qoute - Roger, American dad

I can't be impossible, I exist

I went to class
I painted my nails
I made the phonecall
I hade lunch
I'm cold

Sorry, there's nothing interesting going on at all (and now you wont see my place until I change it) Besides, I'm having computer problems, I have to restart it every 20 min because it just stops working. Anyway, I took a picture of myself, so you can see how warm and cozy it is here...

This is how I look nowdays.

Qoute - Sheldon, TBBT

You can't train my girlfriend as lab rat

I fell asleep. Sorry, but when it is cold inside, i don't feel like really doing anything else. Besides, I have some stuff i have to do, that I don't want to. I want the result, but not the phonecall (I'm gonna call my landlord and ask about changing room) so I guess I'm avoiding that by taking beautiful naps.

Language school
It is really stressing to be in a room where everyone talks at the same time. I understand that everyone is eager to learn but I understand even less when everyone is talking. I guess it is good, because if I can somewhat understand in that caos, I can probably understand if one person is talking to me. And I don't really like to talk in front of the class, but whenever there's something about different coutnries, there's always a guy who calls out Sweden. And when I'm the only one from that country, I have to answer. I guess that is good to, so that I have to say stuff. Today we talked about different languages in our country. My answer was a bit messy, but I'm really trying to just talk and not translating sentence by sentence.

Grocery store
Something that is new at home (as far as I know) is that you weigh your own fruit and put a barcode on it. This is very common here and everytime I forget to do it. The lady in the register was not happy with me and she got even more unsatisfied when I didn't give her the right change in the first two tries.

I was thinking of taking some pictuers of the rain and all. And then it stopped. It's still cold (10+) but the rain has stopped. It's interesting how my weather report that it is gonna rain just a little bit and it is as god haven't peed in a year. The river that goes in the middle of the city is half full (normally it's empty) and the puddles on the street are not puddles, the street is a puddle. Well, I guess it's gonna come more tomorrow.

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But here's a g-string you can smell on... It's your dad's

These eggs are called huevos de codorniz and are really small. They are really cute and are primary used for making montaditos, which is a delicsious sandwich. Pictures below on the eggs and the sandwich :)

Small eggs
Small eggs in the frying pan

Sandwich with small eggs, olive oil and jamon serrano

Qoute - Roger, American dad

6 of the 10 richest men in America made their fortune on dry cleaning or other buisenesses

I did half of the things I planned to do. Not much other to tell. The weather got crazy and as I got back home yesterday evening, I was completely soked and in no mood of updating my blog, besides, I hadn´t done my Spanish studies so that had to come first anyway.

I know my blog is no fun right now. It is gonna change. When the weather gets better, I´m gonna take pictures to show you (so if there´s anything you want to see, tell me!) and the language school entry is gonna be written.

Food pictures!!

Qoute - Stan, American dad

and for two, well, you know, he's a turtle

I applied for jobs, I actually did it, and now comes the Spanish study

But first
Lunch and go to El Corte Inglés and change my bunny and buy a buscard

Qoute - Darnell (Crabman), My name is Earl

Btw, converse have launched a pop collection.. (look at me, updating about stuff noone cares about and mentioning shoes, where is the world going)

For one, because he's lost

Español es un idioma muy facil
I think I got that right, I'm not sure... but Spanish is hard. I recently discovered that Swedish doesn't have an ing-ending that English does. Spanish has it aswell and now, it really pays of, knowing English. Then I have two languages to compare with and then understand better. But it is a lot with the verbs. Another thing I thought about is that, when it comes to communicating, verbs and nouns are most important, then comes the pronouns (is that right?) to make it sound right and then the adjectives to be able to express something. But for basic communication, vers and nouns are most important. Please correct me on this, if I'm wrong (which we know that I never am ;))

Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap
... is what I said this morning when I missed both the buses I need to take to get from Mr. M's house to the language school. It doesn't help that the rain is pouring down either. I hate it when my feet are cold and wet and when I mostly wear converse, that is definitly the case when it rains. I've been so lucky so far with the buses so I guess I've been wearing it out, so now, when I actually need to be lucky, I'm out of it. The bus seem to always have just gone when I get there, hence, I lose ten minutes here and another ten min here. Sure, now, you're thinking that, why don't I look the bus sceduele up and go in time for the bus to departure, rahter than just go. But, there's no such thing as a bus sceduele, there's a frequency, 10-20 min depending on where the (f-ing) construction works are, so there's actually no way of knowing. But, for now, I'm up around eight and I don't think that is too bad for someone who have gone up around ten for the past year or so. I'm gonna get to the early bird, in time, in time.

Still raining
As I said, it is still raining, so there's not gonna be too much interesting pictures, but I'm gonna see what I can dig up, and maybe I try to get a picture of the rain, maybe (it's not fun out there)

Because of my bad mood (being cold the whole time) I don't find the will to study, apply for jobs or anything actually usefull. But today, I'm gonna pull myself together and do those things. And, I'm still blogging, so I am far from rock bottom (where I usually end up when there's no will)

Qoute - Darnell (Crabman), My name is Earl

Nobody does, exept from mr. Turle and it's not like he's telling anybody

The weather
Ok, it's Spain and it is in the south. It has the rumour to be warm. The rumour is true, no doubt about that, the worst thing that can happen is that the temprature drops to 10, it gets cloudy and rains. But everything is relative. When it is 10 C outside in wintertime, it is warm, when it is 10C inside, it is fucking freezing. There's no problem living in a country with -20C when you can go inside to +20C, but when there's no heating system what so ever and everything is made of stone and the ceilings are miles up, the inside temperature is more or less the same as the inside temprature.
Right now, it's +12C outside, which means that it is between that and +15C inside. I live in a really old house, where water has come into the electricity system (no way of knowing for sure, but when the lamp in the hall roof is filled with water we got kind of suspicious), the floor and walls are made of stone (or another cold material), the roof is really high up, the windows are like summerhouse windows, there's a hole in the wall in the kitchen, there's windows everywhere and all we got for warmth is one of those small heating fans (one for each one so if everyone is on at the same time, the fuse goes) It's no picnic in the park.
I highly recoment you to come when the summer is approcing or is already here, ten degress inside is not pleasant.

About me
I have to admit that if I had been 16 and had lots of money, I would probably have one of those look-at-how-much-clothes-I-can-buy kind of blogs. Or maybe like a makeup one (when I was sixteen my parents owned a store filled with makeup and parfuems so the interest came naturally) but I feel that I'm a little to old for that (if I were in the buisness, it would be another thing) and I don't have so much money and a problem of seperate myself from things. I have clothes that are ten years old, that will never fit me again, that I have remade a couple of times and thar are washed out that I just can't throw out. Of course I enjoy shopping but I reallt don't have the money for keeping up a blog around it. And for now, I decided to not go shopping for the rest of my time here (no money and I have been doing a lot of shopping lately)
I like to think that my blog is about something interesting and I really like to think that it is fun to read what I write. I've been writing my whole life so I hope I know how to do that. Despite the fact that I changed my mind of what to do (even though, they are all in the same field, mor or less). I don't think I would make it as an artist. I admire those who are, that can create something that looks like something bit is not really how it looks in reality. But I like cartoons and making stuff life-like, so whatever you can do from making those kind of things is what I want to do.
This is too much about me and too little about Spain, sorry, everything will get better as the week starts again.

Qoute - Darnell (Crabman), My name is Earl

Don't cry in front of a fish

Right by my place there's a Cheers.... I find this really cool, cus as the tv- sitcom- nerd I am, Cheers, the sitcom, is a classic. But I didn't know that this bar (in this case, a café) is a chain that can be found in more than one places (I hardly doubt that Malaga and Boston are the only ones). Below is the sign from Cheers in Malaga.

This is the poster for the sitcom and as you can see, the logo is exacly the same. Isn't that cool or what.

the tv-show

Qoute - Roger, American Dad

Btw, I have never been at the café, it's right by the cathedral so it's probably expensive.

Do good things and good things will happen, do bad things and bad things will happen

Lazy days
Sorry for not giving you too much interesting stuff. actually I'm trying to catch up on my Spanish and it is weekend now, so I'm not gonna be much online (and I guess that goes for you too)
This day has not been a good day at all. First, I woke up and was sick, second, the weather was awful and then I didn't buy the buscard (close for siesta, I forgot and didn't go again, due to the rain) and third, it seems that the day sucked for a lot of other people to (facebook is a resourcefull website). They can't all be happy days.

An interesting picture, I wanted to post for a long time.

Qoute - Earl, My name is Earl

When I see myself looking this good, I get horny too

I got my medicine but the bus thing was closed. The pharmacies here have most of the stuff behind counter and conodms and baby food in the store, so you have to ask for everything. I like going to the pharmacy in Sweden, they have most of it on shelfs and a lot of folders and pamletts to read. I guess I am a litte hypcondric when I say that I like going to the pharmacy and read about all the stuff I might have. Another thing the pharmacies have here, that thy don't in Sweden are neon signs that blinks. Neon signs that blinks does not say pharmacy in my eyes and it feels a little peculiar. Mr. M got a little annoyed with me when I was joking about it, I guess, it does express seriousity here. I don't know if you can see it (the pharmacy I was at had just one little sign, there are pharamcies that has big sign with text and different patterns that move around and blinks)

Qoute - Joy, My name is Earl

Major buzzkill

I woke up with a swollen troath and decided it would do me no good of going to class, the headace that came with it made me feel that my desicion was right. I decided to stay in bed and try to sleep it of, it didn't work. I know I am the worst person in the world, I can walk and talk and hsould therefore be where I should. Atleast that is how I was raised. I remember my friends in school being mad at me because I was there spreading disease, but what could I do, at that age, it was not my desicion. I had woken up earlier this week, being feeling bad in the throat but it went away as the day progress (and I did go to school, as you know) but this morning it was different. Worse, kinf of.
And I really hoped that I could start running again on Monday... I really hope this is a one day thing.

I'm gonna pay for the trip to Cadiz (for the carneval, more info later), go to the pharmacy (that promote itself as a raveparty, more about that later too), buy a buscard and maybe buy some fruit.

Qoute - Robin and Ted, How I met you mother

Francine, when I look at you hair I doubt I can keep the amount I want to womit

We have a pet in our apartment. Her name is Juanita (the guy who left her behinds´name is Juan)

Qoute - Stan, American dad

What's that sound, oh, it's me peeing, fantastic!

About me
The best time to be in Spain seem to be the summer (quite frankly, summer seems to be the best time to be anywhere) but I'm starting to feel the student loan payment screaming for me to take some responsibility. Hence, I'm trying to go to Oslo to earn the big cash. The job in Oslo has two reasons. First, pay of the student loan and second, help me trying to get another degree.
I already have a degree in media & kommunikation (atleast I think so) and I want another one in graphic design or web design. It has taken me a long time to figure out what I want and sadly, it took me a big loan to get there. And now, its time to pay the dues.
To study at a language school with csn, will probably give a lot of friends and I highly recomend that, or becoming an erasmus student, also with csn. Csn is the reason for my student loan but I am happy to have it. Without it, I would not have gone to the U.S and my Karlstad experience would probably looked a lot different.

About living in Malaga
I'm living in the center, by the cathedral and I'm paying 240€ for my room. Internet is not included and there's 6 other people in this apartment. There's one kitchen, three bathrooms and one "living" room. I complained a lot in the beginning of how dirty it is here, I still am of that opinion but it has become a little better and once you get used to it, it's not that bad. This is accomodation for student, there's another one on the other side of the river. It is still close from the city center but would cost around 300€ instead. There's other alternatives but I don't know what they cost. There are some cockraches and the buildings are old, so don't expect to much. What is more or less getting me by is that, I'm just living here for a short period of time and in that case, it is okey.

Qoute- Stan, American Dad

Btw, skiing resorts are probably better to visit in wintertime

The worst thing in your life... so far

Escuela oficial de idiomas
Okay, on the first day of class (Monday) I was there one minute to nine (class starts at nine) on Tuesday I was there eight thirty and the next day five minutes later than that. Today, I was forty minutes late. I had however a change of destination to go from and a really bad night of sleep. But, I have to say, that today's class was the best one. I kind of followed on everything and could more or less answer to everything the teacher asked me. If I do some studying today, I'll be perfect for tomorrow (well, aswell as getting there on time, but that is yet to come)

Bus thoughts
Being on a bus or any type of transportation makes me think (that's probablt why I'm not really safe in the traffic, cus this goes for walking as well) and I have a new theory. It has to be tested and I'm quite confident that it will fail, but it's gonna be fun to get there. The theory goes that there's three ways of looking at things, a dumb way, a logical way and a smart way. And this goes for everything. A friend of mine and I mad the conclusion that everything is math, therefore, everything is logical too. One can refuse to see (or not have the chance to) see the logical way, and then is looking at it in a dumb way. Being logical about it, is not, however, the smart way. It is just logical, a kind of neutral state and it is when looking beyond the logic that the smartness occur. I thought about several examples where this can be applied but I made the conclusion that it is only one that matters. Math. Can math be seen in a 'smart' way? or is it only logical? I can not determine this, I am not a mathematician, I've only had math in primary school (so, then only have learned the logical way) so I need a mathematician to tell me if there's a beyond the logic in math?

I'm gonna have a nap and then go and buy myself a buscard. Then I'm gonna decide wether to go or not to the carneval in Cadiz and maybe I'll post some pictures from my apartment

Qoute - Homer, The Simpson Movie

Btw, the 'poo' in the kitchen is... I have no idea, it's a piece of squere  black plastic and it has a sticker underneatch it (the text in Spanish) I do suspect it is some kind of insect poison that the other people living here said that they bought (I overheard the conversation but didn't see what they were talking about)

Not a fathers day

Relized that i haven´t answered your comments lately.
I´m planning to be in Spain until June, by then I hopefully have a job in Norway to return to... It´s all fun with the Spanish but I need to get a job and save up some money, I want to go back to school and get a second degree. And for the questions about the languge school... as soon as I figure out when it ends, I´m gonna give a full explanation of it all. When it starts, how much it costs, how long it is, if there´s any exams, how to get there, and so on. Keep on asking about it!
The dish solution is nothing more than pure awsumness and should be standard in every kitchen. Because there´s nothing worse than when you ahve been good and done all the dishes but the kitchen looks a mess anyway, cus of all the clean dishes instead. With this, the battle is won! And for the poo in the corner, I saw it myself when I uploaded the picture and wondered what it was. I´m gonna check and get back to you.

The highlight of the day
I was quite down when I left the classroom and I wanted to get downk to the cafè and my cup of coffee as soon as possible. I saw a shortcut close to a corner but a woman were standing a bit from it with her back against me and as I approached she turned around and we bumped into eachother. I didn´t really care, cus I was already in a bad mood but she started to really apologize and as I didn´t think it was her fault at all (mostly bad luck for both of us) I said that I am the one who should appologize, but it probably didn´t sounded so very happy. But she did bring a highlight in my day. I like it when people positively suprise me.

Qoute - Barney, How I met your mother

I'm getting hungry, let's dig up your mother so that she can make us breakfast

Clothes are dryed outside. Or outside but in the middle of the apartment (in my case). It's like they built the apartment around an invisible squere and it is not like a balcony, it feels like it is solely for the purpose of hanging out clothes.
The kitchen has a gas stove, a microwave, a grill/toaster and the washing machine for clothes (and outside of the window in the kitchen, there's more strings. (Obviously a sink as well is located in the kitchen)
After doing the dished, they can neatly be put behind cupboard doors for drying. A very neat invention, indeed.

Oh, and I almost forgot, the hole in the wall in the kitchen. Common here, a disaster in Sweden, I might add.

Right now
I'm so tired I think I'm gonna fall asleep in the chair, put, I'm gonna pull myself together and stay awake.

Qoute - Stan, American dad

I choo- choo- choose you

Right now
It has been sunny and really warm the last couple of days so, of course, today, when I deceded to not wear my jacket, it is raining. It's not to much but it gives you that sad feeling. I have this strange headace but as soon as I finish this entry, I'm gonna make lunch.

Escuela oficial de idiomas
Today was a really confusing day. A gril next to me gave me answer to excersies the teacher was going through that we didn't have to finish until next week. I don't like it when people I don't know tell me what to do when I haven't asked them. I'm a big fan of asking for help, but this doesn't feel like helping, more getting me more confused. And then she laughed at me for not understanding what the teacher asked me. Obviously, with her in my right ear telling me what to fill in and the people at my right ear talking about how they don't know what we are doing and the rest of the class speaking more or less at the same time, it is kind of hard to follow. So far this has been a quite crappy day (some highlights). I stayed behind to catch up but there's some stuff I can not get my grip on so I went home.

I'm gonna take som pics of my apartment to show you, stuff that are different from in Sweden. (And I'm not gonna have an nap today)

Qoute - The Valentine card Lisa gives to Ralph, The simpsons

I'm not insane, my mother had me tested

Right now
I'm sorry folk's, I had a wonderful idea of taking pictuers of my apartment and post them here today. But I had a two hour nap and now changed to pink plush pants and complete student mode (do everything else than study) so there's no more for this day. But tomorrow, I'm gonna plan this better. I promise!

Qoute - Sheldon, TBBT

He's a person, not a girl

I love the smell of dead cockroaches in the morning
I had told myself that I needed to outside of my apartment at eight. I start at nine and the bus is a quarter away and takes ten minutes and there's some more walking to do. It is actually quite near. THe thing is that I don't know how often the bus goes and didn't wanna miss it and wait fifteen minutes and be late. So at 8:11 I was out the door. I live on the second floor and as I do down the stairs I can feel a particular smell, I have no idea what it smells like but it feels like that is how dead roaches smell. And since I found the first one for this year, yesterday, I'm a bit afraid that they are gonna come out at any time now.
The bus were standing at the busstation when I arrived and was about to leave, so I didn't got the chance to look at how often it goes. WHen I arrived at school, they hadn't even opened the café yet and I was first in my class to arrive. After walking around a bit and having an akward conversation with the people at the front desk (I needed a stapler) other classmates start to arrive. We all sat a while in the classroom until the teacher showed up. So, I have to say, all in all, I do good time.

Light bulbs, anyone?
But I have to say, that in the cold, cold north where waking up after nine is a sin and nothing can be done after 2 in the afternoon, I mean, seriously, the lightbulb was invented in 1879. There's no use of comepting with the rooster anymore.

Right now
I'm back at the cafe, doing useful stuff (like blogging and farmvilling) but as soon as I finish the entry, I'm gonna do some job search.

Qoute - Stan, American dad

Eat my shorts

Yeeeey, I got internet in my apartment now and I found the first cockroach in my apartment building for this year. (and yes, its dead)

first one of year 2010

Qoute - Bart Simpson

They put poo on their houses, that's what crazy people do

First day
Okay, so today was the first day of class... and of course, I was late. But when I arrived at school I saw my professor standing in the door and when she got in, she walk into the café. So, even thought I was late, my teacher was more late. I strongly believe that it was a part of her act, because when she entered the room, she looked all confused and kept saying stuff like she forgot to prepare the class and maybe forgot the books and that she was nervous. But when I saw her in the entrance, she looked like she had it all under control. But that is a fun and a really nice trick, cus everyone is nervous exept from the teacher (who's probably nervous but not in the same way). The lesson was more or less the teacher going from one student to another and asking them their names, where they are from, where they live now, how long they lived there, if they studied any spanish before and if so, how long and if they have any spanish friends. She didn't ask everyone all the questions, she asked according to the Spanish level of the one she was speaking with. So needless to say, she didn't ask me a lot. I really messed up, cus I felt really stupid saying that I didn't know any Spanish but I've been studied it for two years. I have no idea how to say "I studied it for two years in high school because I had to, so I didn't pay attention or care at all, therefore not learning anything" in Spanish, so I just studdered a few words I know and the whole class felt sorry for me, trying to explain what I tried to say and helping me. It was completely awful.

That was not really the worst thing either. I really hate those things, even in Swedish, I hate those things. Because I never know what to say and I always tend to get people around me to laugh, not cus I'm funny but cus I say stuff you don't need to say or stuff they didn't expect me to say. So imagen what I think about doing this in a language I can not even speak. Of course, with my usual luck (which is kind of like Donald Duck's, not bad enough to destroy your life but enough to get you embaressed and confused) the techer called a break, right before my turn. My hands were sweating, my heart beating and in my head I tried to come up with as many phrases in Spanish as possible so that I could answer her correctly. And now, I had to sit through a break before it was my turn. Crap.

During the break, I saw a friend I got to know a little of the day for the interview and we went to the café. I lost track of time and when she was in the third level (I'm in two) I left her there to go to my class, of course, the class had started and when I wasn't there, they had skipped my turn. So in a way, I got relaxed so she caught me of guard when she asked me the questions, hence the stubbling and the total mess.

And it turned out that my friend changed class, so she was in mine. Really nice of me to just leave her in the cafeteria, really nice.

I guess, being confused and stumbling as I am, relaxes people and everyone feel comfortable talking to me. Cus it doesn't matter how stupid they feel, atleast they are not as confused as me. This doesn't really bug me a lot. I'm always really nervous and such but when I notice people being relaxed in my precense, I kind of like being the confused one. What I don't like is when people start talking down to me cus of it. I'm not stupid just cus I´'m nervous and confused. Most people don't, but there has been a few.

Right now
I'm in the cafeteria, doing three things at once, farmville, blogging and applying for jobs in Norway. The cafeteria is loud, crowded and plays music. The music is good, I got a seat and as long as there's noone shouting and screaming, I don't mind. I think I'm getting internet at my place today, but I do believe that I'm gonna keep on bringing my computer. Even though it is a cefeteria, I actually do more stuff being here than being at home.

Qoute - Randy, My name is Earl

Common sense is the prejudices a person collected until an age of eigthteen

Right now
I really wish i had something interesting to write about, I looked around a bit at the website for the language school but cus it´s in Spanish I didn´t really get much. I wanted to tell you about when the course start and finish, what books you need to have and what they cost, if there´s any exams or written assigments and if there may be some kind of evidence that you´ve taken the course. All I know now is that I start tomorrow at 9 am and then I have class every weekday from 9-11 and that the course has so far cost me 67 €. That is all.

So in lack of understanding (and too lazy to start the big planet game) I´ve been looking around on other blogs at blogg.se. The reason why mine is in English is because I have friends that don´t speak Swedish and I want them to be able to find out what I´m doing and the reason why I haven´t got a blog that is more international and not so Swedish-fashion-tennagers oriented is cus I have several blogs and feel comfortable to have them all collected in the same account.
Besides, I want to feel like that I´m blogging about interesting stuff that people actually like to read. Today, I haven´t really suceeded with that.

Qoute - Einstein

If dating is the game, marriage must be winning

The walk between me and Mr. M's place drawn on google map
I don´t know if you can see it, but the blue line is the distance I walk/ run on regular basis, exept from now, cus I have a cold and do not run under those circumstanses. I wish i could run, I´m a little bored right now.

Right now
I´m at Mr. M´s house and don´t really have anything to do. All my drawing stuff is at my place as are my computer. Right now I´m (besides for updating my blog) playing farmville and talking to my mom, I guess what I will do later is playing Little big planet.

Qoute - Marshall, How I met you mohter

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state, then nearly fourteen billion years ago, expansion started, wait!


They are oval balls filled with ham, mushrooms, chicken or basically anything you have or like (so, I have been told) First you make something that looks like dough in the frying pan from oil and flower, then you mix in whatever ingridient you want to have, let it cool and shape oval balls (I know it sounds contradicting, but I don´t know any other way to explain it) that you roll in flower/breadcrums and then you deep fry them in a frying pan. They are usually eaten with a deep fried egg.

Croquetas in the frying pan

Croquetas done on the plate, ready to eat

Qoute - Big Bang Theory intro

Whoho, four day weekend

Today, I have to go and pay the tutition for the school. I'll tell you more about when the course start and finish and more details when I know them. As for know, I know that I have to pay today and show up at nine on monday.
The worst thing is that I'm sick, I wake up with a sore throat and it's not fun at all. I just started excersising again and now, I can't.

Qoute - Homer (and the one before that, Marge) The Simpsons

Your boss called and said that if you don't come in Friday, don't bother come on Monday

I bought myself a Mimobot

They didn't have any cards for deaf people, so I got you one of those with dots

About the food
It's lunch time. Actually, time to make the lunch. Something I remember from growing up was my family's wierd eating hours. My friends always called and wanted to hang out, right about the time for us to have dinner. I remember that I used to complained about it, asking why we can't have dinner on normal hours like everyone else. The reason why we had dinner at seven was because my parents had a store that closed at six, so none of them were at home at four to make dinner anyway. It was impossible to have dinner at five, like all my friends had. But the reason I got was that it is actually normal to have dinner at seven, that's what they have in the rest of Europe. I thought that was wierd.

Breakfast no later than eight
Lunch no later than one
Dinner no later than five

That's what I'm used to. When starting the university, I even had a friend who wanted to have lunch at eleven (not because she thought that was "right" but she was just so damn hungry). One of my mom's co-workers consider dinner should be served at one. Even though, being brought up in the Swedish school system, lunch and dinner is more or less the same for me, same kind of food, different hours. Most of the fights me and Mr. M has evolves round food. It's a good thing that my parents told me about the European way, otherways we would probably have argued about the dining hours aswell.

Breakfast around ten
Lunch around two
Dinner around nine

That's how it is here. To have dinner earlier than seven in the evening is considered crazy and if you had breakfast at seven in the morning, you're probably considered a little wierd. Even though I don't always agree about the "what" to eat, I really like the "when" to eat.

Qoute - Joy, MNIE

When I jump, I jump for Earl, I would never jump for Joy

My job
I was working with a company called Spancom, which is a Norwegian website for scandinavian people in Spain. My job was to spread information about them and to get more members. Due ot the lack of members and the economic crisis, the people in charge decided to put the website "too sleep" for a while. I made an evulation that didn't really put the website in a good light. It's all for the best, in the end, I don't want them to spend a lot of money on something that I belive need to be re organized. So i'm not really sad because I didn't really know what to do more and somehow I felt that I disapointed them. But I did as best as I could for the time being.

Language schools
I don't really know if I am accepted yet to take the course. But I think so. I will be certain tomorrow. If I am, I'm starting on Monday. The school I will be studying at is Escuela oficial de idiomas and it will cost me around 60-70€. First I thought about studying at a private school named Lexis but it would cost me up to 300€ for a three month course. Other schools to look at is Malaca instituto and Cervantes. The school I'm at is a state one and it do not offer accomodation (as far as I know) but the three others are private and they offer accomodation and a lot of other stuff. Of course there are companies that can help you, like EF, ESL and Blueberry and there's always the possibility of being an exchange student (a language course at the university is included when you are an erasmus student).

Right now
I'm at Mr. M's house and I'm trying to figure out what I have to do, I always have a long list of stuff I have to do and the more they are, the more I forget about what they are. I am gonna try and take more pictures and upload them. I did so in the beginning and I'm gonna continue. Like the school I'm at, my apartment and all those wierd things they have here (from my perspective). For now, I'm gonna try and get a hold of my mom and check out some mimbot flashdrives.

Qoute - Katalina, MNIE

Btw, my modest thankyous for the compliments

This is why Sweden doesn't have a space program

Btw, I got fired... now I will live on my saving (and belive me, they are not grand even though they exsist)

Qoute - Sheldon, Big Bang Theory

Btw, The qoutes are from tv, films, friends, myself that I or others find funny, amusing or inspirational. Mostly it has been amusing ones. The idea is that you will recongnize it or get curious and google the context or ask about it if you're curios enough to want ot know, but lazy enough to not find it out yourself (it's allowed, I like being asked)

All that Robin Hood, Batman and Jesus stuff

Once again, I'm back at the café, trying to do something useful but mostly playing farmville instead. I wish I could blog all the time too, but I am really lazy and the lack of internet is not really helping.
I had the interview today (if you can call it that) I didn't really understand a lot she said but the point was mainly to tell me that tomorrow the results are gonna be posted and what hour do I want to have my class (I said nine) and that I have to pay on Friday (Viernes?) and that classes start on Monday. I meet some people too, a German girl and a man from somehwere that knew Swedish. Yesterday I spoke with a Maroccan girl. I'll probably meet a lot of people here....

A couple of days ago, when I was in the grocery store, I found something atleast I found fun. A relleno nordico (I don't understand why they call it relleno when that apparently is a typical dish from Chile) It's a common blanket...

Nordic (normal?) blanket

Until I went to the U.S, I expected that everyone has their bed as I always had it (and my friends and my family too). I've been to hotels that has it differently, with bed sheet, then another sheet and a blanket with the sheet folded over it on the top, but I just assumed that the sheet was just extra protection for the blanket, because the blanket still had the cover. As far as I know, you have a blanket and then you have a cover for it, like the pillowcase, but for the blanket. First of all, you cover the matress with the sheet. The first sheet and the pillows are the same, what is different is the whole blanket business.

As said, I thought that it was a blanket that you cover with a blanket case (let's call it that) so when I came to the U.S I was a bit confused when I got a blanket, but no "case" and noone else seemed to have it. I discussed this with Mr. M (that is my boyfriend that I met in the U.S) and he did not see a problem with this at all. In Spain they use the same idea but instead of a blanket, they use a fleeceblanket instead (I guess it's a bit warmer here).

The fun thing about the blanket in the grocery store is that they call it nordico. I always seen this as something completely ordinary but here it is something exotic from the north. As IKEA doesn*t seem to change accordingly to the country they are in, they sell blankets and cases, the same as they do in Sweden, so when the temperature dropped, all the blankets were gone in a second. All the new Spanish customers found this very interesting.

I guess that everything is exotic for someone.

Qoute - Joy, My name is Earl
Btw, I'm exicted for the new readers, I will try my best to not disapoint you :)

Maybe you should stop naming them, that's what we did with the children after the military took over the village

Spanish test - sheck
Interview for Spanish course - wating two hours and have to come back tomorrow
And then I found out that it is not even sure that you get accepted. It doesn't sound right that I have to pass a language test to be able to learn that language. But I'm not making the rules. Right now I'm sitting in the schools cafeteria and suddenly I'm alone exept from two other people that are also looking at a screen. When I came it was a group of people having a contest on which can be the loudest one. I couldn't even hear what Mr. M was saying in the phone. I hate people.

Last Friday,we played drinking Ludo with mini-tequila sunrise, liquorice shots and other liquids. It was reall fun even though I really can't take the vodka (in the liqurice shots) so next time, I'm gonna alternate with water. It was a fun night :) Even though I did expect some arguing regarding the rules, I lost the small piece of paper that explains them or there never was one. I thought that the rules of Ludo was universal until I med Mr. M, apparently it's the national sport of Marocco (not reall,y but everbody plays it or something like that) and the game is very komplex and have a lot of rules. For me it has always been something kids play or grownups play for social purposes (until drinking Ludo, the it become for party purposes as well). The rules explained
on Wikipedia are the ones I use, exept from that you can also move a piece out to the board if you throw a one.

Qoute - Katalina, My name is Earl


This is what I got for my birthday from Mr M. It´s a cute plastic rabbit that connects to your WiFi and as I understand it can do numerous things. I haven´t seen it yet cus first it took forever to get it connected and then, it is registrered to someone else. I´ve contacted the support but as far as I know, they haven´t answered anyone since 2006..... I hope I can get it unregistrered and register it on me cus I really wanna see what it can do. i guess it would bring me more joy if my friends had one too (cus you can send messages and music tracks too it) and if I had Wifi at my place (cus without it, its just a white plastic rabbit) It´s called Nabaztag but as you register it you give it a name of you own. I´m planning to name it Mr Conejo (which is rabbit in Spanish)

Read more about it here

Qoute- Sheldon BBT

Failed, I have

I never know how to answer comments I get, it´s not like in Facebook, when the person you´re answering gets a notification... wish there was a way to do that (maybe there are, I haven´t really looked into it)
So in lack of other choises, I´m answering in a blog entry.. instead of disregarding it (which is mean) make another comment on the same blog entry (which the person might never look up) or writing to the persons facebook or email (which is just too much work for me)
I like the word sillyface... :) and I know I am one. But begin nervous about everything is just something I´ve always been and to get it out there makes it go away (a little bit, atleast) but I know, I should enjoy my age.... it will come or maybe I´m already doing it without me knowing it ;)
On Tuesday is my exam to determine which level of Spanish I have, so that the people who´s gonna teach me Spanish know where to begin. It´s not really an exam I want to study for but I´m still nervous...
I´m traveling to Dublin with Mr. M and I can´t probablt not afford it... but who cares... I couldn´t really afford going to Spain in the first place, or U.S, or actually for studying in Karlstad for that matter either. But they all turned out fine, so I just have to be sensible with my money until then :)
Oh, and ya`ll know what is you answers...
Qoute- Yoda, Star Wars, episode III

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