What doesn't kill you makes you stronge. Then you must be the hulk

Okey, so now I have some preparation to do. First I'm gonna run and have lunch, then it's my turn to clean the bathroom and then I'm gonna clean my room, after that I'm heading to buy strawberries and ice. Finally I'm going to the airport to pick upp my friends.

I don't like my class. Therefore I'm never there, it is not just the hours comibned with me being really lazy, hos the class is annoyes me. Everyone shouting at the same time and the constant talking of the guys behind me. It's not like they say something occansoinaly, the talk the whole time and not even in Spanish. I can not do anything about the class hsouting answers the whole time but I can do something about the chicken farm behind me. I've moved, changed place and switched chair so now I can't hear them anymore.

The excitment of co-living
I'm a clean person, damnit, but I will never be as clean and tidy as my roommates. The whole laundry thing stresses me. Actually a lot more than I want to admit. It is not that I am blocked from using the washing machine, it actually goes quite smoothly and whenever I need to use it, it is free (which is impressive, considering they use it every other day) But it stresses me that they do so much laundry. First of all, the can not fill the thing up every time and second, the cords are never free and third, it is just stressful. On the other hand, its like a collar with a bell, I know if they are home or not.

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If anyone needs me, I´ll be at my room

Sorry, my mistake. The girls are coming tomorrow and not today. That give me one extra day for studying (yeah, like I´m really putting myself into that one). There´s a packed schedule and I suspect that the stores of Malaga is gonna make good profit the coming weekend. And now the weather is awesome so there´s nothing that can go wrong.

Missing "home"
I got the question if I miss Sweden the other day. And, to my somewhat suprise I quickly answered "no". and after reflecting on it, I relized that I do not miss Sweden. Maybe it is all the crap that is dispayed on my facebook news feed or maybe I just don´t really feel a special connection to a country just because I grew up in it. I do miss my friends, my things and sometimes to be able to spontaneously talk to someone at the bus stop, grocery store or on the street. But my friends are the same, regardless of my whereabouts and things are movable and noone really spontaneously talk to anyone anyway in Sweden. So I do not miss Sweden, sorry.

Do you feel contected to "your" country?

I´m still to shy to spontaneously talk spanish and I feel insecure but I know that I have been writing a lot about when I feel really bad about my spanish so I thought that I would write something positive. I´m talking more and more and even if me and Mr. M still are kind of struggling with it, I have other friends to talk to. It´s not that I´ve been missing ppl to talk to, it´s just that I haven´t felt comfortable to talk until now and have preffered to speak english. But now, it´s gonna be more and more.

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If my heart would have been inside at the time, it would have been fatal

Is it worth it?
I slept most of the day away (until noon) and I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I have the feeling that I'm not gonna have the chance to sleep much the coming days and I really like to sleep, on the other hand, I don't have that much days left and there's things that I want to do so I should do them instead of sleeping. But in the end, I really like to sleep.

This weekend has been busy. On Friday I had (what I first thought would be a quiet evening) a girls pre-party. Unfortunate for me, there had been bought a tequila and as I can't say no to that, the evening got a little more blurry than I originaly wanted. But it sure was fun. And in the joyfulness, I borrowed out my apartment for a birthday party (which may cause a bit of a problem with my roommates but I don't know yet).
Anyway, Saturday were the day of the big weeding and I woke up with a hell of a headace. Noone to blame but myself, of course but I did not feel like going to a wedding at all. But I did and I am so glad I did. The wedding was amazing, the food delicious and the wedding couple beautiful. During the dinner, the hangover reminded itself and I could only finish half of the dishes which angers me a little bit, food that good should be eaten! After the weeding some of us went to a bar in Malaga. I've never been there before and the music was not that good and the drinks really expensive so I guess it was the first and the last time.
Sunday turned out to be date night. Me and Mr. M went to see Ironman 2 and had dinner at Mcdonalds, a typical date night.
Oh, and for those who wonders, I did not catch the bouguet. And I am not sad about it.

Another vacation
On Wednsday I expect my girls from Sweden. I can't really say more than I'm completely bubbling with excitment and I'm so looking forward to it. So, to be as prepared as I can, I'm going with Mr. M to his school today to study with him so that I don't have anything hanging over my head when my girls are here. They are gonna get my fully attention and we're gonna bathe in strawberries and sangria!

Oh Gravity, thou art a heartless bitch

Time flies...
It was two weeks ago since my last update... where did all that time go? Well, on that said Thursday, face2face called me and I got the job, that's eight weeks of summer that I know what to do with. And then, on Saturday, my family came for a visit. That was an intense week (even though we didn't do much). Four pictures to recap the whole thing.

On vacation where I live
We had a lot of deliscious food. Lots and lots of tapas, but also pasta, meat, sallad, pitas and least but most important sushi! Even though I love tapas (which I do) sushi was the highlight in the food area.

We had a lot to drink aswell. A lot of cañas (and I had no idea that it means tap beer, I though it just was a small beer) I can really recomend the sangria at cheers (even though the name indicate that you should drink beer there). Me, my brother and Mr. M even manage to get out two times, on Saturday and on Wednsday and that included a lot of good drinking aswell, but I fell a little short on the pciture taking.

Of course we did some sightseeing aswell. Here's the bus we took around town.

We went all the way up to Castillo Girbralfaro, where I had never been before and it was wuite cool and puzzling (how, why and what?). We didn't really do that much more sightseeing (my parents went into the cathedral and walked along the beachwalk) and we definitly missed a lot of nice stuff. Well, next time.

This is the view from Gibralfaro (You see the cathedral, which I live closely to, almost in the middle of the picture).

We also went two time to the beach.

All alone
On Thursday the following week, I found myself all alone. My family went back home, Mr. M on a trip to London and even my roommates had deserted me for going to Barcelona. It was confusing but it gave me a chance to breathe out and I spent the entire weekend in front of the tv and computer eating candy. That starts us on this week and it is already Wednsday.

As time progress into the summer, it doesn't really slow down. On Saturday I'm attending a wedding and then (19 of may) a couple of best friends from Sweden are visiting me and then time is just gonna float by until that dreadful flight to Sweden.

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