What doesn't kill you makes you stronge. Then you must be the hulk

Okey, so now I have some preparation to do. First I'm gonna run and have lunch, then it's my turn to clean the bathroom and then I'm gonna clean my room, after that I'm heading to buy strawberries and ice. Finally I'm going to the airport to pick upp my friends.

I don't like my class. Therefore I'm never there, it is not just the hours comibned with me being really lazy, hos the class is annoyes me. Everyone shouting at the same time and the constant talking of the guys behind me. It's not like they say something occansoinaly, the talk the whole time and not even in Spanish. I can not do anything about the class hsouting answers the whole time but I can do something about the chicken farm behind me. I've moved, changed place and switched chair so now I can't hear them anymore.

The excitment of co-living
I'm a clean person, damnit, but I will never be as clean and tidy as my roommates. The whole laundry thing stresses me. Actually a lot more than I want to admit. It is not that I am blocked from using the washing machine, it actually goes quite smoothly and whenever I need to use it, it is free (which is impressive, considering they use it every other day) But it stresses me that they do so much laundry. First of all, the can not fill the thing up every time and second, the cords are never free and third, it is just stressful. On the other hand, its like a collar with a bell, I know if they are home or not.

Qoute - Alan and Jake, Two hand a half men


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